Greetings, Internet!


Many years ago, I asked myself the question “When does an author become author-ly enough to have a blog about being an author?” I had just taken my first toddling steps into the world of publishing, and suddenly the Olivia of 2007 decided it was necessary to plan out the rest of her career as a writer in one afternoon.

Once I have a book published I’ll start a blog.

That was my initial rule, for no other reason than it seemed a blessedly definable line in the sand. Time passed, and I learned more about the blogging world, and my rule changed.

Once I have twenty stories published I’ll start a blog.

That seemed a good enough milestone. Years passed. I kept molding stories and characters and worlds, and in turn these creations molded me into the kind of writer I wanted to be. Then recently I wistfully checked my inbox, wishing I could get a few more magical acceptance letters so I could start blogging. And that’s when I remembered that this was my own rule, so I replaced it with what it should have been all along:

Once I feel ready, I’ll start a blog.

Guess what, lovely people? I’m ready 🙂

So, what can you expect to find in my little corner of the Internet? Some thoughts on literature. Updates on my journey as a writer. A list of everything I’ve published. Celebratory announcements of additional publications.

But mostly, I want this blog to be a kind of playground in conjunction with my published writing. There is so much more to fiction than what appears on the page. When I read something enjoyable I wonder what extra factoids the author knows about these characters, and how the story came to exist.

Perhaps you, like me, and plagued by this curiosity. And perhaps I am lucky enough that you’ve stumbled on one of my stories in the past. If so, this is a space where you and I and the characters can exist together beyond the final sentence.

Candle 140301

This is a ‘let’s have fun’ ‘kick off your shoes’ and ‘bring on the positive energy’ kind of place. I love comments, questions, feedback, and connecting with people, so please feel free to share your thoughts in comments below any posts, or by contacting me directly.

Welcome to my playground. I hope to see you around!


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