So, remember how I said I was going to update only on Saturdays?

Do you also remember from my first post how I often break my own rules?

I’ll still keep up with my Saturday content, I promise, however I had an exciting moment that I couldn’t wait the long week to share.

I have another publication on the way!

I came home to find my SASE waiting for me in the mail, addressed in orange sharpie (I like colors…), and I was mentally preparing to bring my rejection count closer to the mythical 100 (almost there, by the way!). But I discovered instead happiness in the form of a piece of paper containing the words “intention to publish.”

It’s a poem this time. I’m mainly a fiction kind of girl, but I do enjoy poetry as well. This one is called “A Song of Flowers” and is one of my rhyme and meter endeavors. It has found a home in The Storyteller Magazine, and will be in the upcoming April / May / June issue, at which time I will probably dance, or cry, or both.


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