I have business cards! Anyone want one??


A while back, I read this awesome post by Twintype Books (and then proceeded to flood the author with questions on the subject. Thanks, Kate!) and was ultimately convinced that it would be a good idea to make author-ly business cards.

It was, indeed, an extremely good idea, and not just because I had inordinate amounts of fun making them 😉 When I was at Central PA Comic Con, it was beyond helpful to have something to pass out to the great contacts I made over the weekend. And beyond the more practical reasons, having the cards is strangely comforting. On frustrating days where I need to drag the words onto the page, seeing the little green card on my desk is a happy little reminder of who I am and what I want to accomplish.

Here’s what they look like:

My Card

So anyway, back to the title of this post. Because I am so giddy and excited to give these cards to people, I thought I’d extend the offer to anyone who stumbled upon me in the blogging world. If anyone wants one, just pop over to my Contact Page and send me a message with your snail-mail address. (The envelope will probably arrive with a wax seal. Because I just love wax seals ❤ )


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  1. OMG PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love LOVE them, and I’m glad you do too!!!! Make sure you give a mini-stack to anyone who could be helpful (family friends, etc.)…my husband has given out more of ours than I have! SO excited for you!!!!!! -Kate

    • Thank you!! I shall 🙂 Sometimes my parents are talking to people and say, “Oh, hey, my daughter is on Amazon! You should look her up.” But like you said in your original post, I’m 90% sure they would forget my name by the time they get to a computer. Problem solved!

      Thanks for everything!!! You’re the best!!

  2. That’s awesome! They’re beautiful. I made business cards last year before I headed to a conference. I didn’t hand out as many as I would’ve liked, but it was great to have them.

    • I know, right?? Doesn’t it make you feel so professional and important? 😀 I always get this really bizarre “Hey, I’m all grown up!” look on my face when I give one to somebody.

  3. Rather late to the party but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have your business card!! 😀 (And also to receive mail from you again, whenever you’re up for it~ I know I’ve been kind of failing on maintaining a presence on my social media stuff and keeping up with everyones’ blogs but I’ll try to be better about it from now on. 8’D)

  4. This is something I must do once I settle down soon. I have nothing to remind me of who I am and where I wanna be. Plus it will handy to give out to new contacts. Thanks for this post.

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