Books that Make me Chatty


Have you ever read something so good that words crawled unbidden out of your mouth? I have, and it’s one of my favorite experiences as a reader.

I’m not talking about the things I consciously say. “Oh, Frodo… it’ll be okay, baby!” “Yeaaah Alanna. You go, girl.” “Tsk. Hamlet. Get over yourself.” I’m referring to those moments where a book is so surprising no amount of willpower could keep me from saying, “Oh wow… oh wow oh wow…”

Those are magical little moments, because (at least for me) they only happen on the first read-through. The end of Ted Dekker’s Thr3e was one of those moments. Thank goodness I was alone, because I believe I said “no way” about two dozen times before I remembered how to shut my voice off.

Also in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, I can recall a few unexpected gasps. During one such moment, the apartment was so quiet that the sudden noise actually scared me a little. And when I finished Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, I said “Oh man!” and found myself laughing. Not out of hilarity, but because I was so thoroughly delighted.

Candles 042614

I love these moments. I love books that take over my mind so completely that these moments exist. I love the authors behind those words.

My goal is to be that author for someone else; to make people chatty. My other goal (no less important!) is to continue having these moments as a reader. That level of being completely floored by a story is what reading is all about for me.

What books have made you talk in the past? (No spoilers from said books, please!)


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  1. I recently had a “Holy Sh*t!” Out loud moment the other day while reading Codex Born, the sequel to Libriomancer. I also did it A LOT in Promises to Keep, the finale of my favorite series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. That book revealed so much about a world I’ve been entrenched in since high school- man, it’s was good. So good.

      • PtK finished up the Den of Shadows series, which is pretty much anything by Amelia that isn’t her Keisha’Ra set (which is my favorite). I kinda love everything she does. It started with “In the Forests of the Night” I believe.

  2. The one that sticks with me is “The Tale of the Body Thief” by Anne Rice. There’s one scene at the end that had me repeating “no” over and over again because I couldn’t believe what happened. It was a great move for the characters, but I still couldn’t believe that it’d happened.

    • Ohhhh authors can be so mean sometimes… That’s impressive of you to respect that a scene is still a good step for the characters after it breaks your soul. I’m not often that strong. 😛

  3. I love these kinds of books, they are the ones I get so involved with I forget about the real world around me 😀

    I read Dracula by Bram Stoker, and it just made me say things aloud in places I should not have been speaking!

  4. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird completely sucked me in. The first time I encountered it was in Grade 7 when my teacher read the first few chapters out loud. I devoured the rest of the text after school. 🙂

    • So cool 🙂 That actually touches on another category of books that’s equally interesting: books we read in school and finished ahead of time because we loved them too much to wait for the assignments.

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