My Characters as Flowers


In honor of it finally being springtime (Yay! I can’t even tell you how much yay!!) I took a nice long walk and found flowers that reminded me of various characters.

I normally link to the stories, but… I’m feeling lazy just now (I should be writing the climax of a novella this weekend, so I’ve been writing in high gear for a few weeks now. Rewarding. But exhausting.) So, if anyone’s interested in reading any of the stories, I have the links collected here.

Okay. And now for the pretty things.


Kaleb – Loved by Numbers

Kaleb Flower

This flower just seemed like such an attention magnet. It could be in a garden of ten other varieties, and yet that would be the one I’d notice, and I’ll bet the flower would just love that. Very much like Kaleb’s attitude pre-story.


Wistal – Suicide Game

Wistal Flower

I just really liked the combination of the bright color and the sharp-pointed petals. It looks like she could pose for a photo shoot with this flower and it would look really natural.

Zen – No More Heroes

Zen Flower

The picture isn’t close enough to see, but there are some fractal-ish patterns in these flowers. Also, the color. I don’t know that I’ve seen petals that look that green before. It’s like the flower is trying to pretend that it’s not a flower, which mirrors Zen’s under-the-radar mentality.

Lisa – Ball Girl

Lisa Flower

Violets don’t demand attention. They don’t really stand up and say “Oh hey! I’m a flower!” but having them there really frames the other flowers.

Matt – The TimeWarp Bill

Matt Flower

Not all daffodils, just this one because it looks like its hiding under that bush, and that story is really about hiding.

Rodney – School Spirit 

Rodney Flower

I spent quite some time thinking about how excited Rodney would be to know I think of him as a dandelion. Most of my characters would be offended. Rodney would be delighted.

Candles 050914

How about you guys? Does anyone have flowers they associate with certain characters?

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