My Camp Nano Adventures


Happy weekend, all! 

I decided to take a little retreat from editing my longer projects and use camp Nanowrimo to focus on short stories. So far, this has been an EXCELLENT decision in my life. 

Here is the challenge I’m setting for myself in July: I want to write (or at least start) one short story per day. I’m not allowed to plan any of the stories in advance. They cannot be ideas I’ve been holding for a while, or anything I’ve attempted writing before. Also: each story must have an ending; even if it’s only in the form of a rough outline, and even if the ending is cringe-worthy. 

I’ve found I’ve developed a habit of not ending things. See, I try to do regular speed writing exercises, courtesy of the amazing software from Write or Die. Normally 500 words, with absolutely no goals except getting the words written. As a result, I frequently start things with no plot in mind, and then stop as soon as my timer goes off. I need to train myself to end the things I start.

Also, I’m hoping this will get my confidence back for idea generating. I’ve been focusing on novels for a long time now, so when I decide I’d like to write a short piece it takes me forever to find an idea I think is ‘worthy.’ I’m hoping the repetition will make me stop overthinking story ideas and just run with them. 

It’s been magical so far 🙂 I’m thinking it’s probably just a honeymoon period, but I’ve enjoyed all three of the pieces I’ve worked with thus far. I have at least one for sure that I want to revise and send out in the future. I’m realistic enough to know I’m also going to write a bunch of duds this month too, but I keep telling myself that’s okay. I need to stop being so terrified of the stories that fail, and I think camping this month will be a big help in that. 

Is anyone else camping in July?? How are your adventures in the virtual wilderness going? 



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  1. I think this is a great idea! I wish you well. I am game for trying this someday when I get my computer fixed and don’t have to type on my smartphone anymore! Which has led me to writing longhand again. 😦
    I love a short story. I’ll look forward to reading yours now.

    • Oh my gosh! Are you really typing everything on your phone? That’s awful! I hope your computer gets fixed soon! (Although just curious, are you finding your writing is improving from longhand? I’ve heard some people say that, but I’ve never been able to stick with it long enough to find out for myself.”

      • Hi Olivia…yep I am recently trying to speak into my phone due to hand cramps. Haha. No but seriously…I go to the library I did today- on occasion but time is a factor. Not too quiet as you will read on my latest post..Ahmm.

      • And I gave up writing longhand which I loved all my life…but hand pain keeps me from it now. I don’t writ well from recording or speaking into phone.
        Oh..and i.deleted my post on the calf…I thought no one read it. 😦 I just can’t wait to get back to writing daily…frustrated.

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