I’m going to a Convention!


Okay, beloved blog friends: Olivia is very excited about something 😀

On August 16th I’m going to be attending my very first convention. (I mean, I’ve been to cons before, but this is my first time having a table and saying, “Hey, world! I write things.”) This was actually on my goal list for 2014:

(Still working on the second one, by the way... 2014 isn't over yet! There is always hope.)

(Still working on the second one, by the way… 2014 isn’t over yet! There is always hope.)

I’m going to be selling copies of both of the print anthologies (Kings of the Realm and No More Heroes), so I recently ordered boxes of copies. Also, I’ve been working on making some cute giveaway things (Sampler booklets, bookmarks, bookish origami…). It’s been a while since I’ve had a good excuse to do massive amounts of arts and crafts, so that part of preparing has been just delightful.

The con is in Dover, Delaware. Here’s the website. And, if you will permit me a newbie geek-out moment, here’s the page where my name is listed. I can’t handle it, guys.

Here's my 'can't handle it' face

Here’s my ‘can’t handle it’ face

Soooo is anyone in Delaware and looking for something to do on August 16th? Since this is their first year holding the Comic Con, they aren’t charging admission!! So I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re nearby.

Also, because I love my blog buddies so very much, I’m establishing a secret blog phrase. If you visit my table and say the magic phrase, I’ll give you a dollar off any of the books I’m selling. I’ll probably also want to give you a hug, because I think it would be really awesome to meet some of you in the real world. Anyway, the secret phrase for the Dover Comic Con is: “I saw a bird with purple feet.”

candles 072614

And yes, in case you’re wondering, mingled in with all this excitement is a healthy dose of nervousness and apprehension and “Uhhh… I have NO idea what I’m doing…” So if anyone has advice of any kind, please be a pal and leave it in the comments / contact me. Thanks 🙂


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  1. Ahhhh! That is so exciting!!!! 😀 I wish I was nearby, but I live rather far away 😦 But that is so awesome! I hope you have an amazing time and meet lots of wonderful people 😀 😀

    • Mmmm… Yeah, I would totally love a writers retreat. (Except the ones in ice caves in the tundra. Not my thing.) But those ones in the middle of the forest with cabins and hiking and lakes and little bunnies? Oh man. That would be so relaxing and fun.

  2. That’s really cool that you have your own booth 😀 Have fun! I’ve never been to a convention before. My husband won’t go with me and my friends don’t live anywhere near me. Maybe in the future. I just don’t want to go by myself :$

  3. Oh my comic Con in Delaware? I am so going to try to make it. I live in Pennsylvania, however I’m in delaware on a regular basis because I grew up there. Actually probably about 25 minutes away from dover maybe a little less..in a very small town. if I manage to make it I will definitely stop by your booth. Iwill remember the secret phrase for sure!
    also thank you for the follow on my blog, To Write is Right!

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