I made an author-ly facebook page :-)


Yes. Exploring new territories on the internet again. 🙂 I’ve actually wanted one of these for a while, and now I feel like my social media flock is complete. 

Anyway, here it is!  



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  1. I’ve been wanting to make a Facebook author page but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I do have a personal page. How did you make it? Did you just add a page to your personal page or did you go through a new account? (I’m making myself a note to Like your author page the next time I’m on Facebook.)

    • It was actually fairly simple (which is a good thing for me…) I made mine off of my personal page, so you shouldn’t need to create a new profile. At the left hand side bar, towards the bottom, there’s a link that says “Create Page.” From there you pick your category (Authors is an option), choose the URL, upload a picture, etc. Then when you’re happy with it, you change the settings to make it live and people can start liking it.

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