Dover Comic Con… (in which Olivia has a Moment)


So, Dover Comic Con was kind of amazing. And by “kind of” I obviously mean indisputedly amazing. Oh my GOSH, you guys!!! What a great weekend! If you will permit me some newbie gushing moments…

When I got to Artist’s Alley, the beyond-wonderful volunteers at the Library told me to find my name on one of the tables. (I may have reverted back to grade school Olivia and got really excited about seeing my name on a desk…) On my table, I also found this badge, and did my little “Eeeee someone called me an Artist” dance.


And eventually I calmed down enough to set up. (Many, many thanks to my supportive family for helping me!) Here’s what my table looked like when I found a configuration that I liked:


Yes, that’s definitely a bookish origami flower in my hair. Because why not.


My next-table neighbor was the delightfully energetic L. S. King. Funny story: I’ve been following her blog for a while now, but didn’t make the connection until I got home. 5% of our conversations were informative and professional discussions about the writing business. The other 95% involved us geeking out together about various cosplays and fandoms. I feel this was an acceptable balance.


And then the con-goers started arriving. 😀 Eternal love to everyone who visited my table. I’m always in the mood to chatter about my writing in the real world, so having person after person ask me, “So, what are your books about?” was like Christmas.

Then, I had this Moment (capital M). Whenever someone bought a book, I signed it for them. I might have even spelled everything correctly, which is a big deal for me, though not the reason for my Moment. In one of these books, I had just finished the happy little note, and was signing my name with the big swirly “O”, and it just kind of hit me that I was actually signing my name in a book that contained my words, and that a complete stranger was going to go home and read those words.

I can’t even tell you how many times I scrawled that very same swirly-O signature in the margins of notebooks and on the backs of envelopes and on steamy windows and scrap paper and notecards: always dreaming of the day I’d be able to write my name in a book. And in that Moment, it was actually happening.

Granted, I know I’m still just beginning as a writer, and I have a long way to travel on this particular mountain, but moments like this motivate me to push myself harder and continue growing and improving as a writer.

Here’s to enjoying every step of the journey! And this, beloved blog friends, was a step well-worth enjoying. Much love to everyone who made the weekend such a great experience!

Aaaand PS: Here's me with the TARDIS. How I love Comic Con.

Aaaand PS: Here’s me with the TARDIS. How I love Comic Con.

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    • The practice will be SO worth it some day 🙂 (I’m actually really looking forward to the day I get a book signed by you. I remember meeting you for the first time and thinking “Wow, now THAT’S a writerly name!” That was before I even knew you wrote things.)

      • Wow. Thank you. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that’s the best compliment I’ve gotten all week. Wish I had been near your convention. I would have loved to get your authorial autograph as well.

  1. That sounds awesome! Don’t downplay your accomplishments 😛 You’ve come a long way I’m sure ^^ Yeah, the majority of my conversations with friends are about video games, bishies, various fandoms, cats (they always work their way into a conversation), other pets, makeup, etc. Friend A is one of my best friends and a good writer. But we spend like 5% of our time talking about writing and various projects and brainstorming. Everything else is just random XD

    I love that dress by the way! I found out there is a convention in the city I live every March I think. I need to pressure hubby to come with me XD I’ve never been to a convention actually. I’ve given up on getting him to dress up with me. We would have been so good as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. He’s Japanese, so he fits the part, and I’m blonde. But I’m getting too old to dress up as Sailor Moon D: There was a character in Final Fantasy 13 that looked just like me, but she was an antagonist and I didn’t like her XD It would be fun to dress up as Lightning though 🙂

    • It’s true: it’s actually very challenging to NOT talk about cats…

      And you should TOTALLY go to that convention!! So much fun. My friends introduced me to the art of con-going a few years ago, and I was just floored by the supreme amounts of fun. We dressed up as FMA characters for that first one. (Ed, Winry, and Envy. I was Envy) Cosplay is a lot of work, but oh-so-rewarding. But there’s also something to be said for just going to the con and enjoying everything without constantly wondering if your makeup is smearing or if the tempera paint / glue is starting to flake out of your hair.

      Just looked up Lightning. I would fully support you doing that cosplay!!

  2. Ah, that sounds absolutely incredible, I’m so glad it was such an awesome day for you!! You look fantastic at your booth–and I’m really digging your banner 😀 I still wish I could’ve gone, but alas, what can I do? One day perhaps I shall get you to sign me a book!

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