Oh, look: Free stuff!


I have another story publication coming up very soon (YAY!) , so since I’ll be posting something about that early next week, I’ll keep this Saturday post short.

I’m finally doing some much-needed cleaning, and ran across the free things I had on my table at my first Comic Con adventure. These are the random shineys I was giving out:

Yes, those are indeed bookish origami things :-) I had WAY too many fun making those...

Yes, those are indeed bookish origami things 🙂 I had WAY too much fun making those…

 I’m getting ready to pack them away until I find another con to haunt, but juuust in case anyone is feeling sad that they didn’t get free stuff, I wanted to offer it to you guys 🙂 So, the first three people who contact me will receive a “Comic Con Care Package” in the mail.

And just a side story about that bookmark: I felt strongly that I wanted to use my real footprints, so I ended up making it as a giant model and then taking a picture of it. Here it is on the easel with trees and such in the background. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought 😛


I hope you all have a weekend full of adventure and excitement!! Check back on Monday (possibly Tuesday?) if you’re in the mood to hear me ramble about one of my stories :-)


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