Follow Fest 2014


FollowFest 2014

Sooo… before I jump in here, just a note on what I’m doing. I recently discovered a particularly neat idea called Follow Fest, orchestrated by the very clever Melissa Maygrove. It is, as she describes it, a ‘cyber meet-and-greet with social media links for business cards.’ If this is the first you’ve heard of this, it’s going on from September 22 – 26 if you wanted to hop aboard. It sounds like a good time.

And if you found me through this Follow Fest, then welcome! Do come in 🙂 Feel free to browse around; most of my characters don’t bite. I’ll be off exploring some awesome blogs, but holler if you need me!

Name: Olivia Berrier

Fiction or nonfiction? Fiction

What genres do you write? Mostly fantasy, but other speculative genres as well

Are you published? Why, yes! Yes, I am 😀 You can check out my publications Here.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

  • I am shoeless any chance I get.
  • I always burn three candles while writing.
  • One of my baby teeth never fell out.
  • I love old-school letter writing, particularly with wax seals.
  • I am determined to fully enjoy every tiny step on my journey to a writing career. 🙂 It’s been a blast so far!

What are you reading right now?
Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz

Also, One Continuous Mistake by Gail Sher

Which authors influenced you the most?
J. R. R. Tolkien, Tamora Pierce, Brian Jacques, Dean Koontz, Lemony Snicket, and Emily Dickinson

Where can people connect with you?

My Blog: Often Clueless, Always Shoeless (Either click the follow button, or you can sign up for e-mail notifications via the side bar.)

Twitter: @OliviaBerrier 

My Author-ly Facebook Page: Olivia Berrier, Author

Goodreads: My Author Page

Amazon: My Author Page

Email:, or use my Contact Page on the blog

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
love characters!! A great deal of my blogging consists of me playing around with what characters do outside of their own stories. I interview them, ask them to do random games, occasionally have them wear odd costumes for my amusement, and frequently ask their opinion on where they think a story ought to go. These people are extremely real to me, and nothing makes me happier than connecting with other readers and writers who believe in the realism of story characters. If you’re one of these people, PLEASE let me know so I can follow you and get to know your characters! 🙂

Click Here for the rest of the Blog Hop! Happy exploration, everyone!

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  1. This is a cool concept 🙂 I follow the blog of another writer that does character interviews. I never thought about doing it to be honest, but I enjoy reading them. For me the interviews wouldn’t work with my fantasy characters. I work with a character that is on the run from a monopolistic company that wants to kill him. To interview him wouldn’t make sense because it would feel like he’s an actor playing a part instead of a guy that is hiding from the world so he doesn’t get caught and then executed. I could do it with some of my literature characters though, but I can’t post those short stories on my blog because that’s considered first publication. Okay, I’m rambling now, lol. Have fun with the blog hop 🙂

    • Hmmm… just a thought: Could you imagine the interviews taking place in the dreams of the runaway character? So that he would be aware enough of himself to answer questions, but it would necessarily be breaking character to do so? (PS – super props to you for having that total immersion method of character development. 🙂 I’ve always had this mental space where character exist out of story, but I think it’s really cool when characters are truly contained in their worlds like that.)

  2. Thanks for participating, Olivia!

    We have some things in common–I’m shoeless any chance I get, too. 😀 I also like old-fashioned letter writing with seals. I’ve been reading about recently, as a matter of fact, in regency romance.

    • Huge bag of sunshine?! Well, I think I’ll have to put that on my wall because that made my day. (Also, teehee, I wish those were all books. The stars haven’t yet aligned for me in the book world, so those are all stories. But stories are my stepping stones, so I still get ridiculously excited about them. 🙂 )

  3. Fellow lover of Dean Koontz here,
    And every once in a while I get scared that letter writing will completely disappear but then I remind myself, you can’t write a love letter on email. Well, you can, but it’s nowhere near as romantic. As long as there is love there will be someone struggling to express it through handwritten form, thank goodness :-).
    Nice to meet you!

  4. Character interviews sound like so much fun! I had the protagonist of my last novel interview me once (she claims that I made up most of the stuff that I wrote about her, but that’s another story…) and it was a hoot! Anyway, great meeting you through FF and best of luck with your writing!

  5. Hi, Olivia 🙂 Great to meet you! It seems we have quite a group of shoeless wonders 🙂 As for talking about characters. For me, I love nothing more 🙂 They’re in my head all day long. They’re real and treasured and almost like my children! Or in the very least, very good friends. I must as one thing though…why the candles?

    • Oooo thank you for asking!! 🙂 The candles started right after I got out of college, actually. Candles weren’t allowed in my dorm room, and I really missed them, so when I graduated I lit them every chance I got. They are helpful because: 1.) They’re good to stare at when I’m stuck on a scene. They’re just interesting enough to keep me from daydreaming, but not quite so interesting that I get distracted from the story. and 2.) It helps me stay put. I can’t leave fire unattended, so at least I stay at my computer. And of course 3.) They’re just so pretty ❤

      • I hear that beta fish work splendidly 🙂 Or maybe a houseplant? My sister has one of those sensitive plants with the leaves that close when you touch them. Love the idea, but if I had one at my desk I’d never get anything written at all 😛 A calmer houseplant might be nice, though.

      • The fish sounds great. I’m not sure about the plant. I tend to neglect them and I can’t deal with the guilt of forgetting to water it, or watering it too much! So I’m with you on the whole distraction thing 🙂 Perhaps an artificial one, so I can enjoy the prettiness without worrying I’m going to do it any harm 😉

      • Now there’s a good thought 🙂 I was going to suggest a rock garden (Is that what they’re called? Those things that you plug in and water trickles over rocks, etc?) But then I realized that would probably promote more bathroom breaks than writing…

      • lol – it’s actually a perfect idea. I love water, and find that kind of thing soothing. I think I can cope with the bathroom breaks when weighed against inspiration 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Welcome! 🙂 (So many nelipots… I’ve found my people.) The changing of seasons is so much harder for us, isn’t it? Just curious: how cold do you let it get before you finally surrender to shoes?

  6. You have a great author inspire list! I really enjoy a lot of them as well. I had two baby teeth that never fell out!! Isn’t that funny, I’ve never met someone who had the same thing before. My dentist ending up filing them down and crowning them so they looked like the others. They were my lateral teeth.

    • Heeey, cool! (You’re actually the first baby-tooth person I’ve met as well!) Mine is a molar, so since it’s out of sight, my dentist is just leaving it alone for as long as it wants to stay there. It actually looks kind of adorable next to the huge grown-up molars.

  7. Olivia, your enthusiasm and humor are contagious. Love your energy and spirit. I enjoyed perusing your blog and for the life of me have never heard of a baby tooth NOT falling out. I bid you much success in your literary career.

  8. I love Dean Koontz too. He scares my socks off at night though. Am unfamiliar with his title you’re currently reading so will check it out. Love the way you wrote your “about you” section. I’ve linked to you in your various locales. Hoping to keep in touch. Glad to have linked up through Follow Fest.

  9. Hi Olivia! I’m playing catch-up with Follow Fest. It’s great to meet another fantasy author! I love the shoeless part. I will definitely have to check out your publications. 🙂

  10. Hi Olivia,

    I finally got to your blog on the list 🙂 I love your thinking on characters being real. I love my character in my books and spend as much time thinking up fun things for them to do. I find myself writing short stories and fun little things for myself to help me see through there eyes. I have slowly started adding these items up onto my personal blog. It is so nice to meet someone else that is as open minded as myself when it comes to writing.

  11. I had a baby tooth too! They finally removed it ’cause it was crumbling away (I guess that’s normal – so heads up). 🙂

    Good to meet you.

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