My Characters Complaining about Halloween Costumes


This Post features the following characters from my stories
Kaleb from Loved by Numbers
Zen from No More Heroes
No Spoilers

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

I held my traditional Halloween social for my characters. They all exist together in their Out-of-Story state, but they tend to stick with their plot-mates, so I occasionally hold little events to force interaction. (You know, for funsies)

Anyway, I decided this year to make costumes mandatory, and by assignment only. Here’s a snippet of my Alter Ego dealing with Kaleb’s reaction. I hope everyone had a fun, safe, candy-filled day!


 “Hannah, I’m not wearing this!” Kaleb stormed into the room Hannah was currently using as her ‘office.’ This changed frequently depending on her mood; sometimes with a corporate business feel, sometimes like a cozy therapy room. At the moment, it resembled the backstage of a theater production, what with the costumes she was gleefully doling out on my behalf.

“Wow, I’m shocked,” she said.

“You know I hate math.”

Hannah finished collecting the pieces of the Flash costume for Matt, and turned to grin at Kaleb. “I know. I’m just shocked it took you so long to show up to complain about it.”

“I was napping,” Kaleb said crossly and shook the offending costume assignment card at her. “I’m not dressing as a stupid calculator for the stupid party.”

“You are if you want to be at the stupid party,” Hannah said. “The calculator’s cute. Trust me, Sweetie, there will be much worse costumes there.”

“The Author’s the real jerk.”

Hannah shrugged. “I’m not disagreeing.”

“This isn’t funny!”

“Well, I am disagreeing with that,” she said. “You and I both know you’re going to end up going. Cookies. Hot Chocolate. Candy.”

“Well, maybe I’m not in the mood for that.”

Hannah just raised an eyebrow in the silence that followed.

Kaleb frowned at the card in his hand and mumbled, “Full-sized candy bars?”

“Oh yes.”

Zen opened the door without knocking. “Hannah, I’m not wearing this. Forget it.”

Kaleb pointed accusingly at the mathematician, “See, now why don’t you make him the calculator! That would actually make sense.”

Zen glanced sideways at the boy. “You’re supposed to be a calculator?”

“Yes.” Kaleb suddenly switched from angry to hopeful. “Wanna trade?”

Zen gave Hannah a questioning look, to which she responded, “If that’s what he wants.”

The exchange was made, and Zen made a hasty exit. Kaleb was feeling proud of himself for about five seconds, until he noticed the way Hannah was smiling at him. “Oh, great. What?”Candles 110114

Hannah poked around the room until she found the pink princess hat. “You’ll be needing this.”

Kaleb tore open the envelope in his hand—which he probably should have done before making the trade, but thinking ahead had never been his strong point. “Aw, come on…” He stared mournfully at the sequined hat Hannah was offering to him. He sighed. “Full-sized candy bars?”


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