My Characters Ordering Winter Beverages


Well, I don’t know about you guys, but my corner of the world has been feeling the full wrath of January weather this past week. As a daydreaming topic one chilly morning, I asked all of my characters what their favorite hot beverage was. Here are some of the answers. As usual, my alter-ego Hannah interjected whenever it suited her. Her words are in the [brackets].


Rodney from School Spirit 

“Hot apple cider. With a cinnamon stick, please!”


Lisa from Ball Girl 

“Chai tea with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream melted in it.”


Matt from The TimeWarp Bill 

“Caramel iced coffee.”

[Hannah: …Seriously? Iced Coffee?]

“Yeah. Winter doesn’t bother me, and iced coffee will always taste so much better than hot coffee.”

[Hannah: Whatever works for you, kid.]


Zen from No More Heroes 

“Coffee. Black with sugar. And a cranberry biscotti, if possible.”


Kaleb from Loved by Numbers

“Yeah, what he said. Black Coffee.”

[Hannah: Ohhh I sincerely doubt that. You realize this isn’t just a poll, right? You’re actually getting these drinks.]


[Hannah: You sure you want to drink a whole black coffee just so you don’t look silly?]

“You obviously know what I want. Can’t you just bring it without me saying?”

[Hannah: *silence*]

*sigh* “Hot chocolate. With whipped cream and sprinkles.”


Lyn from The Suicide Game 

“Mint and lavender tea.”


Trevor from School Spirit 

“Earl Gray tea. Two tea bags seeped for about half an hour, then lots of sugar.”

[Hannah: sounds… tasty.]

“Well, it keeps me awake when I’m finishing homework. And then I got used to it, and now I actually want it.”


Candles 011015

As for me? When I’m feeling indulgent, I go for a Chai Latte, (and Hannah prefers Peppermint Mochas.)

What’s your favorite cold weather drink? (Feel free to answer for yourself or your characters!) 

Stay warm out there, friends!

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