My Characters and things they love <3


This post features characters from my stories
No Spoilers

Memo: To All Characters

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like each of you to tell me one thing that you love. (For those of you from fantasy worlds, or otherwise unfamiliar with this holiday, please see the attached pamphlet.) Before you worrisome types stress out, this is not supposed to be the thing you love most. Just say one random thing that makes your heart go all a-flutter.

Those who participate will receive a choice of the following: 1.) a fancy cupcake, 2.) a foot massage, or 3.) a free pass on one of these little activities in the future. But of course I’m just kidding about #3. Some of you are so gullible…

 Hannah L. Barbeck
Alter-ego to the Author


Marilyn from “Damian”

 “I love freedom. Knowing I can go anywhere I want is great. I also love having claws. Couldn’t imagine life without them.”

[Hannah: Proobably a good idea to let them know your species, dear.]

“Maybe I prefer to let them wonder about it.”

[Hannah: *sigh* She’s a cat.]

“Or possibly a dragon. Or a demon. You never know.”

[Hannah: Yeah. Definitely a cat.]




Samantha from “Waiting Room” and “The Truth Behind Letters”

 “I love unexpected ice cream flavors. You think you know it all, and then all of the sudden you find an ice cream that tastes like buttered popcorn or something. It keeps life interesting.”




Kaleb from “Loved by Numbers”

 “I love cupcakes.”

[Hannah: clever.]

“It counts, right?”

[Hannah: Sure, why not?]



 Derryl from “Across Silence and Darkness” (forthcoming)

 I love that sign language exists. Without it, I’d need to write down everything if I wanted to communicate and it would take forever.




Lisa from “Ball Girl”

 “I love power naps. I wish I had gotten into the habit of power napping sooner in life. It really helps me stay focused.”




Matt from “The TimeWarp Bill.”

 “I really like that little red ball AJ gave me.”

[Hannah: What? Too scared to say ‘love’?]

“Um… it sounds weird when you’re talking about a ball…”

[Hannah: If you don’t love it, pick something else.]

“Fine… Ilovethelittleredball.”

[Hannah: Thank you. And for the record, I love making characters blush.]

“Can I have the cupcake now?”

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