New Published Story! (and the bracelet that inspired it)


Guess what, friends? I have a new story out there! It was published by Every Day Fiction on March 1st, and you can read it right here. This is not my first time publishing with EDF, but the first time I’ve had a fantasy (fantasy-ish? Someone in the comments called it a parable, which may be closer) piece appear on their website.

This story began as an object. This one.

Angel Bracelet

I was given this bracelet by my Great Aunt, who is also my pen pal, and a delightfully eclectic lady. I’ve always been oddly fascinated with holding it and playing with it. It has a very nice weight which I find comforting, and I’ve always really enjoyed the concept of angels, so one morning I decided I really wanted to write a story that incorporated both angels and beaded bracelets.

Each story I write takes me on a different personal journey, and this one was particularly meaningful to me. I’ve always struggled with the notion of how people can pray to angels for guidance and yet the answers they receive are vague at best. Doesn’t that make these heavenly beings seem a tad apathetic? Distant? Cryptic? But then I considered through this story that maybe an angel’s guidance is vague because it truly has to be. And how would it feel to be an angel in the position of wanting to be a more direct influence but being unable to?

Candles 03 07 15

Now, just to clarify, I’m not trying to put that theory out there as ‘truth.’ But working with this story definitely helped me investigate a sort of personal truth. I’m grateful to EDF for letting me share that story, and I hope that other people will find a version of truth (or even just a smile!) in it for themselves as well.


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    • Aw, thank you so much, Sue!

      And I’m actually REALLY happy you were drawn to that particular detail. That little section was added in a later draft, and I almost didn’t bother adding it since I was already struggling to cut it back to under 1,000. But in the end, I’m so glad I included it. 🙂

  1. I just read your story and really loved it! The metaphor is a really interesting one, and I especially loved how perfect it was for the depression. The emptiness, the knots, the golden clasp… it was all perfect. And the woman making the knots into a design? That was so neat. Heartwarming and a little bit tear-jerking 🙂 What an awesome concept 😀

    • Thank you so much!! (You’re actually the first person to comment directly on the depression bit of it. I appreciate that SO much!) There are so many different attitudes towards depression. I have so much respect for people like the lady with the decorative knots, who can just say “Okay. I have depression. I can still live a wonderful and fulfilling life.” There’s so much more to depression than the mentality of “Oh look! A problem. Let’s get rid of that!” and I feel like writing that story gave me some clarity on these half-formed thoughts I’ve been carrying for so long.

      • I know what you mean, about having respect for the people who can live with it and make something out of it. It’s incredible how diverse it is–how diverse the human mind is, really. No two lives are ever the same. I think your story really addressed that well 🙂

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