My Characters Hunting for Eggs


This post features the following characters from my stories
Matt from The TimeWarp Bill
Trevor from School Spirit
Janice from Across Silence and Darkness (To be published in the Anthology Coven!)

Happy Easter, everyone! Just for funsies I decided to send my characters out on an Easter egg hunt. The eggs are all labeled with their names and contain the candies they like best. Have a great holiday everyone! I will be enjoying the sunshine and keeping myself from eating too much candy.


Matt reached the top of the hill, and then referenced the ratty slip of paper in his pocket before heading towards the birdbath surrounded by daffodils. He extracted the blue plastic egg from the flowers and popped it open to get at the candy inside.


Matt paused mid-Butterfinger at the sound. It wasn’t the right pitch to be any of his electronic devices complaining of a low battery. In fact, it was so quiet that he thought he might have imagined it entirely. Well, whatever, then. He checked his list again and walked off towards the picturesque little cottage on the egg hunting field.

Trevor was already there, climbing a tree to see if any of his eggs might be on the cottage roof. (Hannah was the one hiding them, after all, and the alter-ego wasn’t above using unorthodox and difficult-to-access hiding places.) This was exactly why Matt had taken precautionary measures before the egg hunt started.

Matt walked up to the mailbox, opened it, and extracted another egg with his name on it.

“Wait… are you cheating?” Trevor asked from his perch in the tree.

Matt grinned as he referenced the paper again. “You jealous?”

No.” Trevor dropped back to the ground. “Cheating on an Easter egg hunt is pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve—”

“Oh, shut it. I’m not really cheating,” Matt sighed. “I just stopped time before they blew the whistle and wrote down where all my eggs were. I still found them by myself.”

“How is stopping time not cheating?”

“Hey, what’s the good of having cool toys from your story if you can’t use them? I’m sure you could use your dragon to help you if you wanted.”

“I’ve a feeling Rodney wouldn’t really be much help. Besides, he’s busy finding his own eggs.” Trevor eyed Matt’s list with suspicion. Matt forgot sometimes that the majority of worlds out there didn’t have the option of using TimeWarp.


There it was again. Matt definitely didn’t imagine it this time.

“So, why bother stopping time if you just need to find them yourself anyway?” Trevor asked.

Matt looked around for the source of the beeping. It had been louder this time. “Because they’re hard to find, and I didn’t want to look like a moron if I took longer than everyone else. Hey, did you hear anything just now?”

“Like what?”

“A beeping sound. I think it was coming from…” he pointed and walked in the direction of a bush with obnoxiously pink flowers on it.


He dropped to his knees and pulled out a green egg with a little button-sized device attached to it.

“Dude, put that back,” Trevor said. “It’s not yours.”

Matt turned the egg over and found no name at all, just some raised bumps. He shook it and heard many tiny objects rattling in it. Definitely not candy. “Do you think it’s going to explode or something?”

“Put it back,” Trevor said. “They’re for that new girl. Janice.”

“How do you know?”

“Because Hannah asked me to make those little beepers for them. She’s blind, so that’s how she’s going to find them.” Trevor’s voice dropped to a hissing whisper, “And I see her coming now, so just put the darn thing back before she—”

“Okay, okay!” Matt replaced the egg and backed away from the bush.

“Oh, hello,” a small voice called, and Matt turned to see a girl. She was maybe ten years old, but then again Matt had no talent in guessing the ages of children.

“Hi, Janice,” Trevor called back.

She paused, listening. “Trevor?”

“Yep.” Trevor fidgeted uncomfortably for a moment before asking, “Do you want help or something?”

“I’m managing well enough,” the girl said. “Thank you, though!” She stood very still until the egg beeped again and then started walking again.

Matt watched her approaching and kept silent for as long as he could until finally blurting out, “There’s a bush there! Like, right there!”

Janice laughed. “Thanks. You haven’t been around blind people much, have you?”

“Well, no,” Matt admitted.

“I can manage,” Janice promised. Her fingertips brushed the outer branches and she made her way carefully around the perimeter of the plant, caressing the flowers as she went. Matt was impressed. Had be been blindfolded, he would have fallen right into the bush. And the birdbath. Possibly even the mailbox.

The egg beeped once more, and Janice dropped to the ground with a little squeal of victory and felt around until her fingers closed around it. She apparently shared Matt’s need for instantaneous reward because she opened it right there and dumped a pile of seeds into her hand.

“That sucks,” Matt found himself saying. “You can’t eat candy?”

“I can,” she said. “But I’d rather have this.”

Before Matt could ask why, he had to jump out of the way as two yellow and gray birds swooped in and perched on the edge of the girl’s hand to eat the seeds. She cooed at them and stroked their backs with a finger.

Oh my gosh, you guys! My candles are little eggs! (I've been waiting soooo long to use these)

Oh my gosh, you guys! My candles are little eggs! (I’ve been waiting soooo long to use these)

“That’s… really cool,” Matt said, with more jealousy than he intended.

Janice gestured to her basket. “There’s bird seed in all of them. Open one.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded and nuzzled the birds in her hand. Matt sat down next to her, deciding that candy could wait a little longer.


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