Blogs I love


I’m following some pretty awesome blogs these days. Just wanted to take a minute to gush on them. Do check them out if you haven’t found them yet!


Valourborn: “A hero is nothing if not first born from valor.” This is the blog I go to when I really want to believe in magic, legends, honor, strength, peace… yeah, all of those things. Alex’s writing style is honest and beautiful, and I feel a little better about the world when I see it through her eyes.

Each Star a World: Written by Tara Sim, who is one of my first and closest writing friends + trusted beta reader + quirky beyond measure. What I love about this blog is how thoughtful it is. Each blog post is really saying something about the craft of writing, her own journey, or sharing a well-crafted piece of fiction, all of which are a pleasure to read.

 Raevenly Writes: I’ll be honest, when I first learned that authors were keeping blogs, I expected them all to look like this one. This is a writer who LOVES her characters, and delights in letting us into their lives. The enthusiasm here is just intoxicating, and it’s just been a treat to learn so much about these creations. (And did I mention the Asylum web serial is coming soon? Because it is. And I’m pumped.)

Nine Pages: I had the enchanting experience of meeting this blogger at college and taking a few writing classes with her. I’ve grown to really trust her book reviews, which appear as a regular feature. Also, she’s involved in a multi-blogger project called “Legal Theft” where they will each write a story beginning with the same first line. Cool, yes?


Anyone else feel like bragging on a blog or a particularly delightful piece of internet? Go ahead and leave it in the comments. I’d hate to think that I’m missing out on blogs I should be reading.    

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