I’m starting a new adventure… self publishing!


As you know, I’ve been running a web serial on Wednesdays. I figured that once the serial had run through its 29 chapters, I would leave The World That Forgot How to Dance up as a permanent feature on my blog. Then I thought: hey, what if I also had it available as a pretty PDF so people could read it on their e-readers? And then I thought: well, if I’m already kinda sorta halfway self-publishing this thing, why not go all the way?

So, friends, I am officially working through the magical jungles of self-publishing. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t a route high school Olivia was planning on taking, and college Olivia was pretty skeptical as well, but now that I’m actually doing it I’m realizing that self-publishing is such a great choice for me.

Like, seriously, I feel like not dabbling in this at least once would have been a tremendous loss. If nothing else, it’s giving me a much deeper respect for all of the things that happen to a book before it joins me on a couch for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s amazing, you guys!

The other day I was playing around with templates and spacing, and it just kind of hit me that I would get to choose my spacing. My margins. My font. Where I want the page numbers. Everything. I could put a tiny picture of an elephant in the middle of every page if I wanted. (Don’t worry… this will be a tiny-elephant-less production.) But I could, and that’s empowering. And terrifying.

I’m still solidly in the ‘finding my bearings’ stage of the process. (Strong hint: if anyone knows of any resources, those would look reeeeaally nice down in the comments section. Just saying.) It’s been fun so far, way more fun than a younger Olivia realized when she didn’t quite give the idea the attention it deserved.

And to sum up, I’ll leave you with a quote by David Bowie…

David Bowie Quote


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  1. Personally, I love self-publishing. I’m far to impatient to wait for a traditional publisher to send me rejection note after rejection note. Besides, I’ve always been a ‘do it yourself’ kind of girl, and let me tell you – you get a thrill the first time you hold a book in your hands and realize that you created it from start to finish. Literally.
    As far as resources go, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) has a pretty helpful FAQ that walks you through creating a uploadable file for kindle, including how to make an interactive table of contents, bookmarks for the ‘go to’ features, and their preferred file format. (Although, I ignore that last part – I’ve had better success keeping my files as .doc rather than .html files)
    For some pointers on formatting your entire manuscript, as well as some big mistakes that might make your book look unprofessional, I recommend APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki. I managed to get my copy through NaNoWriMo, and it’s been extremely useful so far.
    Finally, I’d be more than happy to share whatever tips and tricks I’ve learned from publishing my books – all you have to do is ask! I’ve done paperbacks through Createspace and kindle e-books through KDP, and know how to make a nice looking epub with my Scrivener software. 🙂
    Congratulations, and I can’t wait to get your stuff!

    • Oo, that’s fantastic, thank you! I’ve actually been really nervous about the formatting process, and most google searches just turn up places that’ll do it for you. (Which, by the way, I’m not opposed to that notion, but I’d like to at least try to do it on my own first. Part of the reason for this expedition is to get a better understanding / appreciation for what goes into book-making.)

      And I will certainly be checking out APE. That’s awesome that you got a copy through Nanowrimo. I’ve heard a lot of my friends say they’ve gotten neat stuff (or discounts on neat stuff) by winning Nano. I didn’t realize until recently that you get more than bragging rights 😉

      And THANK you so much for offering to answer questions! 🙂 I’ll try not to make you sorry you volunteered, lol…

  2. Woo, that’s so exciting! I wish you the best of luck navigating this jungle 😀

    I can’t think of any resources I’m aware of for self-publishing, but I shall keep on the lookout and send em your way if I find any 🙂

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