Authors Supporting Our Troops


Happy Saturday, All!

Just wanted to take a minute to boost the signal about a really neat organization called “Authors Supporting Our Troops.” Check them out here for a more detailed explanation, but here’s the idea in a nutshell…

They collect books that are signed by the author and send them to soldiers deployed in locations where forms of entertainment are difficult to find. They collect them, box them up, and ship them out. 2014 was their first year, and they had an awesome response from authors, collecting 2,500 books. Their 2015 goal is 3,000 books.

Another way to help out is by buying their T-shirts, which help fund the shipping costs for the books. Here’s me in my T-shirt. Trendy, yes? I thought so!

whoops, left the time stamp on! *coughcough* not that I'm waiting until the last minute or anything... teehee.

whoops, left the time stamp on! *coughcough* not that I’m waiting until the last minute or anything… teehee.

I have so much respect for the people who started ASOT! I mean, really, what a cool way to show support and brighten the rare quiet moments of a soldiers day. I’m super excited to be contributing to it this year. If you want to help out you can send them signed copies of your books, buy a shirt, send a monetary donation, or even just spread the word so more people know about it.

Also, just because I know there are a lot of really cool organizations out there, feel free to post in the comments if you know any charities or non-profit organizations that could use a little love.

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