My Favorite Fiction Fixes


Something I love (a lot!) about the modern world is how easy it is to find short stories. In general, I’m more of a novels kind of girl, but when the mood hits me there is just nothing better than a tight, beautifully written short piece of fiction.

Here are a few of my favorite watering holes for such things. Some you’ve probably heard of, others maybe not. Regardless, I’d highly recommend checking any of these out the next time you’re in the need of a quick fiction fix.

Daily Science Fiction: Definitely one of the big fish out there, and for excellent reasons. I feel like the quality on this website is just phenomenal. Also, it has a really detailed and easy to navigate categories system, which has come to my aid many a time. Some days you’re just in the mood for a very specific type of fantasy / sci fi.

The Storyteller Magazine: This is a hard-copy magazine (gasp! Yes, they still exist!) that I really enjoy. I feel like it has a range of stories and poetry that nothing else can touch. The ‘theme’ of the magazine is that anyone should be able to pick up an issue and find at least one piece that really speaks to them.

Antipodean SF: This is my very favorite place to go for microfiction. We’re talking the really, REALLY short stories now. And, let’s face it, sometimes we just don’t have the time to spend an hour on a story. Sometimes we just want little “fiction breath mints” to get us through the day. Generally, to tell a speculative fiction story in under 500 words, you need to have a truly unique idea, so the quality of the stories tends to be just awesome.

Every Day Fiction: Lovely stories spanning all kinds of genres, all under 1,000 words. This is one of the most interactive webzines I’ve found, which is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting so much. The stories are generally thought-provoking and clever, and it’s nice to read through the comments and see how the story affected other readers.

Aurora Wolf: A speculative webzine specifically targeting stories that are uplifting and inspiring. Yes, the darker, gritty stories have their place in the world (I’ve written a few myself…) but sometimes you just want a story that’ll make you feel good. That’s when I go here, and I’m never disappointed. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not all unicorns and baby bunnies: these are stories about real characters who struggle, but they also eventually win, and sometimes I need that.




Does anyone else have any fiction fixes they’d like to share? Be a pal and drop them in the comments for me 🙂



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