Self-publishing adventures: I got The Box!!


Hey, remember when I told you I was going to be self-publishing the Dancing Novelette? (No? Its here if you’re curious.) Well, I got a box in the mail. The Box. THE BOX!!!

Yeah, I painted out the cover. *Grins wickedly* Cover reveal is in a couple weeks, guys!! It's so pretty <3

Yeah, I painted out the cover. *Grins wickedly* Cover reveal is in a couple weeks, guys!! It’s so pretty ❤

I’ve watched YouTube videos of authors getting The Box, and found myself to be (ahem…) less eloquent than the majority of my colleagues. Or rather, I squealed incoherently for several minutes. But the books were just so cute and pretty and… real!

July was exhausting, but worth it.

  • I had my first experience working with a copy editor. (Melissa Gray. Who was, by the way, just a delightful person in addition to being a sharp-eyed editor.)
  • I saw my cover art move from ideas to sketches to absolute awesomeness. (The artist is Susan Kent Berrier–yes, she’s my mother–who doesn’t have a website, but should, because she’s amazing! You’ll see when I do the official cover reveal next month.)
  • I had the teeth-grinding experience of poking and prodding the formatting until it was the way I wanted it. (Note how I don’t have a professional’s name to list here? Trust me, there’s a VERY good reason those people make the big bucks. They are worth it.)
  • I sent my baby off to the printers. (48hourbooks. Yep, they’re as fast as they say!)
  • I got a box in the mail.
  • I opened The Box.
  • I flailed around in happiness.

So, what’s the plan from here? The e-book version of the book is going to be on Amazon in November, after the web serial finishes up. The physical books will be on Amazon in January of next year, but I’ll be selling this initial print run at Dover Comic Con next weekend.

Yes… take a minute to put it together… that means that anyone in the Dover area will have the chance to learn the ending to my Web Serial before everyone else! Whaaaat?! Well, if that’s not a reason to make a road trip to Delaware, I don’t know what is 😉


July was great.

August is looking pretty exciting, too. Besides Dover Comic Con, I’ll be doing the official Cover Reveal for the Dancing Novelette, adding some new pages to my blog, starting a newsletter, and Coven being released on August 31st.

Also… you didn’t hear it from me… but you miiight want to check back next Saturday. I miiight have an announcement for you about something special happening next year.


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