Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You…. (!!!)


Yes! That’s right, I’ve been coddling this particular idea in secret for quite some time now, but let’s make it official. In May of 2016, I will be publishing another novel. I’ve actually mentioned it once or twice on the blog before, under the code name “Clocks.” (The posts are here and here if you wanted to read them.) However, if I’m finally putting this book on the calendar, it’s time to give it a real name. So (I guess let’s call this the Title Reveal? Things always sound more exciting when you put ‘reveal’ after it…) the title of my upcoming novel is:

A Book Without Dragons


I generally classify it as Science Fiction / Experimental. It’s fairly light Science Fiction (Our earth, a few decades into the future. Extra Technology. No Aliens.) And as for the experimental side of it… Ohhh, friends, I do love experimental writing… and this is a particularly odd experiment. The book is told from five different POV characters, and each of them is written in an entirely different style. When reading this book, you’ll jump between:

  • First Person, Past (I drank a splendid cup of tea.)
  • First Person, Present (I am drinking a splendid cup of tea.)
  • Third Person, Past (Olivia drank a splendid cup of tea.)
  • Third Person, Present (Olivia drinks a splendid cup of tea.)
  • Second Person, Present (You drink a splendid cup of tea.)

And, you didn’t hear it from me, but there may even been a bonus sixth POV later on in the book… what??!)

But here’s the best part: I actually do have a reason for these style choices! No, that reason is not to make my English teachers cry. It’s tied very closely to the plot, but I certainly won’t say how. Why? Because readers are clever people, and I’m excited to see how many of you figure it out on your own.

Over the next 10 months, I’ll be chattering about the characters, the cover, the writing styles, the writing process, special freebies and discounts, and the plot. [Hannah: Really, Olivia? You’re not going to tell them anything about the plot?] Oh, okay fine. I’ll tell you this…

The clocks are wrong. No, not just yours. Or mine. All of them. Every clock in the world suddenly says a different time… and it’s a bigger problem than you think…

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