Dover Comic Con 2015


Well, the second annual Dover Comic Con was AMAZING! (Seriously, if you’re close to Delaware, or if you’re in the mood for a road trip, try to make it next year. So much fun!) In my true Olivia fashion, I frequently thought to myself “hm.. probably should have taken a picture of that…” after the opportunity had passed. I’m a bad millennial, what can I say?

Here are the highlights I did capture, though:


First off, this was my table. Purty, I know ❤ That sign in the back refused to stick to the wall with the tape I’d brought, so I had to send my Dad and sister to get me duct tape. They came back with—wait for it—Star Wars themed duct tape.


duct tape

That has so much win I don’t even know what to say about it.




This was the only cosplay picture I took. But WHAT a cosplay!!!! No, for real, there’s a person in there. When the family first pointed her out to me she was outside and I truly thought someone had brought a statue for people to pose with. She even carried a gray bag so it wouldn’t throw off her look. Applause. All of the Applause.




I was also introduced to my new favorite podcast: Geeks and Ghosts. Delightfully fun people. I’m waiting with white-knuckled excitement for them to post their video covering the Comic-Con. Aaaand—get this!—they came around inviting the artist alley people to do interviews, so guess who had her first in-person interview?!?!



It was SO much fun 🙂 (Although I never was sure if I was supposed to look at him or at the computer screen. Probably him… ) But yeah, that was unexpected and awesome. I’m sure I’ll be posting that link everywhere when it’s out.


And as for the things that I didn’t take pictures of: I saw the most amazing homemade Cinderella gown ever, a superbly rendered Loki (complete with scepter), and a little kid dressed up as Thor who really didn’t feel like carrying that hammer (tee hee).

Delightful day. Many wonderfully nerdy conversations. Also, I got to stand next to my pretty little dancing book and say, “Oh, yes! I wrote this.”  


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