Cover Reveal – The World That Forgot How to Dance


Here it is!! ISN’T IT PRETTY???!!!

Cropped Cover

The cover art was done by my mother, Susan Kent Berrier, and I am so in love with the way it turned out! She referenced a lot of pictures on my Pinterest board to get a feel for how Ellsie looked in my mind, and I think she totally nailed it! (Don’t you just love that skirt??)

Here’s the back, also…

Back Cover Dancing

I had a last minute crisis about what color to make the background… Ever since I started working on this story, I’d always associated it with blue and silver. A lot of the critical scenes in the book take place at night and under the stars.

But then—like, a week before I printed it—I thought, “Hey, what about red?!” and I redid everything with a red background instead. Which, I’m not gonna lie, looked pretty cool, and tied in with the fire. Ultimately, though, I’m happy I stuck with the blue and silver. It just seems to fit the tone of the book better.

So, anyway, there it is 🙂 Now that the cover is officially out, I have it up on Goodreads, if you wanted to add it. (You’ll totally make my day if you do!)


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