Online Release Party for Coven


Did you know that there is such a thing as an online Book Release Party? I didn’t until I was informed by the editor of Coven that we were having one (It’s September 29th! Almost here!), so I did some research and I am SO very glad that this is a thing, because it sounds really fun!

Basic premise: you create an event page on Facebook for the date of the release. One that day, anyone who wants to can show up and post questions to the event page. The authors are on their computers for the duration of the party and answer the questions in real time. Fun stuff!

The whole concept is really intriguing to me, just because I get so delighted when I post on someone’s Facebook and they immediately respond and I realize that we’re both online at the same moment. A release party is going to be a whole day of that magical, warm-fuzzy feeling.

And the events generally include other ‘party games’ as well. Trivia. Teasers. And (because everyone loves free stuff) Giveaways! So, geography is no longer an obstacle if you want to celebrate the birth of a book with the author and other excited readers.

Since Coven is an anthology, we have a tidy little schedule for each author to have the virtual floor. My time slot is 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm (eastern), and I’ll be giving away a copy of The World That Forgot How to Dance. It’s still running as a web serial, so if you happen to be that lucky winner, you’ll know the ending before everyone else! (gasp!)

It should be a really good time. My story in the anthology is Across Silence and Darkness, which some of you may maaay have a passing knowledge about since it’s shown up in a couple previous posts. Check them out Here

Also at the end of the night, the publisher will be giving away multiple copies of the Coven anthology (which you’ll all obviously be dying to have after talking to all of the authors!)

Candles 091915

What’s that? You want to come?!?! Oh, delightful!! Just follow the link below and click to join the event.


Coven Release Party  

And don’t forget to drop by at 7:00 so we can virtually hang out 🙂 I hope to see a ton of you there!

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