Social Media Regrouping


I’ve been steadily collecting various social media platforms over the past year. (Kind of like a crazy cat lady… oh, just one more…) I figured now might be a good time to just regroup and establish what purpose each of these lovely, cuddly platforms are serving.

So, if you’ve been looking for new and exciting ways to spend time with me on the internet, this blog post is for you! (The titles are all clickable, except for “blog.” Since, y’know… you’re already here…)

 Blog: I update the blog weekly with any of the following: insights to my writing process, announcements, interviews with characters, little stories / crossovers / deleted scenes involving characters, or book reviews. Or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Facebook: I use this one mostly for pictures and for sharing book-related posts. I’ll also share something if it makes me think of a specific character of mine. You’ll also find the occasional old-school status update.

Instagram: I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of overlap between Instagram and Facebook. But I also know that some people love Instagram and have no interest in Facebook, so I post my writing related pictures in both places.

Pinterest: I have boards for each of my projects where I collect various shiny things that inspire me: Character look-alikes, mood setters, songs, etc. I also have boards for collecting blog posts and stories that I enjoy.

Twitter: This isn’t an ‘all writing all the time’ kind of space, so if you’re interested in learning more about me outside of my words and worlds, this is the one you want. I do tweet about writing, but also other fandoms I enjoy and anything else in life that strikes me as magical.

Goodreads: I have an author page here, which links to this blog. I generally keep up with updating what I’m reading, so if you’re curious about such things, check it out. Also, I’m always up for friend requests, so don’t be shy!

Newsletter: Heeey, it’s the new kid in town! This is an irregular and relatively infrequent thing (Maximum of six e-mails / year). I’ll be using this for letting people know if I have new releases, sales, and free stuff. Also, I maaay have exclusive backstories / trivia only available in the newsletter. Just saying.

Candles 101015


There we go! Any questions or comments are most welcome down below. I hope to see you aro und the internet, dear friends!


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