Character Reveal – Willow


Welcome to my first of five character reveals for A Book Without Dragons (Coming May 21, 2016. I set a date! Exciting, yes??) Over the next couple months, I’ll be introducing you to my five main POV characters.


Name: Willow Ayers

Appearance: He’s a little shorter than average, and slightly chubby—a very huggable man, I think. He has curly, blonde hair (though it’s not super curly. Or super blonde.), blue eyes, and is rather pale, though not sickly. He has a few scars from a car accident. Don’t ask him about his scars, though. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

Occupation: Scientist. Specifically, the lead scientist behind the Unitime project—the satellite system to unite all technological systems.

Writing Style: (Click here if confused) Third Person, Past Tense. He gets the easy one 😉 This is the style most books use. Example: “Olivia took a nap in her hammock and found it exceptionally pleasant.”

What does he want? Truly, Willow would like nothing more that to escape into one of the fantasy novels he reads. Total bookworm, and a real sucker for anything with lots of magic and creatures and good triumphing over evil.

Song: Waiting on the World to Change – John Mayer


So, yeah! That’s Willow. What do you think? I’ll be running these characters intros every other week.

Candles 101015



Got any questions for Willow? Drop them in the comments, and I’ll make him put down his books long enough to respond.


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