Character Reveal – Zabby


Here is the second of my character reveals for A Book Without Dragons!


Name: Zabby (short for ‘Elizabeth’) Reynolds

Appearance: She is thin, blonde, blue-eyed, pretty, and doesn’t appreciate all of the stereotypes that come along with these things.

Occupation: Waitress at the small-town Diner. It’s not a ‘forever’ job, though.

Writing Style: (Click here if confused) First Person, Present tense. It’s a really fast-paced and personal kind of style. Example: “I see the rows of fresh, beautiful office supplies, and suddenly I become a girl of very little will power.”

What does she want? Zabby wants to get out of Chagrin Heights (the tiny small town where the book is set.) Her goal is to save enough money to pack up and leave Idaho forever. And it’s not just because she’s bored. It’s much worse than that.

Song: Nobody Knows Me at All – The Weepsies


Candles 10 23 15

Sometimes I find a song for characters quickly, but Zabby’s took a really long time. Lots of YouTube hunting before I stumbled on that one.

Also, I wanted to use pink for this blog post, but didn’t because I knew Zabby wouldn’t like it. The sad part is she actually does like pink, but she won’t admit it because it plays into the stereotype.


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