Character Reveal – Snowiks


Today we have the third of my character reveals for A Book Without Dragons!

The spotlighted character this week has actually been on my blog before for a crossover drabble back in September (Which you can read Here, if you missed it. It’s particularly worth a look if you’re a fan of Lester from The World That Forgot How to Dance.)


Name: Harold Snowiks – I mostly refer to him by his last name

Appearance: He’s approaching retirement when the book opens (and he’s not at all excited about the prospect of being put out to pasture, by the way.) His hair is mostly gray, but was dark brown once. He’s tall, has smoky-brown eyes, and a focused expression that frequently comes off as ‘stern.’

Occupation: Police Chief. He loves the job (or rather, he loves what the job was supposed to be) but he feels like he wasted his career by never getting out of his small hometown in Idaho.

Writing Style: (Click Here if confused) First Person, Past Tense. This is the usual style for first person books, although present tense is getting more popular these days. Example: “I finished my cup of tea and stared mournfully into the empty mug.”

What does he want? He wants to feel like he did something significant with his life. Although, with the impending retirement, he’s pretty sure that he’s out of time for anything like that.

Song: 21 Guns – Green Day



Candles 110715

He was a really interesting challenge for me, because I couldn’t decide on his age for the longest time. I think I tried everything from early 20s to 80s until I finally found the character I needed for this story.



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