Character Reveal – Cider


This is the fifth and final character reveal for A Book Without Dragons! I’ve even collected them all together in this nifty Characters Page, so lovely explorers of the Internet won’t need to go hunting for them.  


Name: Cider

Appearance: He has amber-brown hair, dark brown eyes, a permanent smile, two left feet… Oh, did I mention yet that he’s a dog? 😉 He’s a mixed breed, a little smaller than a golden retriever and a little more energetic than a tornado.

Occupation: Loving on his humans and playing fetch (as well as other games. Cider is very good at these games. Just ask him.)

Writing Style (Click Here if confused): Third Person, Present Tense. Because, frankly, there is no way to describe the mind of this creature without using right-here, right-now kinds of words. Example: “Olivia hears the tea-kettle whistling and smiles because it is now her very favorite part of the morning.”

What does he want? Treats, or cuddles, or both. But cuddles are always better.

Song: My Best Friend – Weezer



Candles 120515

I think it probably goes without saying that writing Cider was one of the most enjoyable parts of this whole project. In fact, I talked about him so much that one of my friends started referring to the novel as “Olivia’s Book with the Dog.”

Cider is not the main character…But if anyone chooses to believe that, I certainly will not argue with them.


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