My Characters Decorating Trees


Memo to All Characters: With the approaching winter holidays, I will be providing each of you with a small pine tree. Please submit your proposals for how you wish to decorate it so I can supply the appropriate ornaments.

Your friendly neighborhood alter-ego

~ Hannah Barbeck.


Willow (From A Book Without Dragons)

“I just want lights, please. No ornaments.”

[Hannah: That doesn’t sound like you…]

“And a sophisticated circuit board and programming equipment so I can make the lights spell out seasonal messages and change colors and respond to voice commands.”

[Hannah: Okay, that sounds like you.]

Zabby (From A Book Without Dragons)

“Can I have ornaments themed from the 12 days of Christmas? It would make it really easy to tell if I’ve lost any when it’s time to put them away.”


Snowiks (From A Book Without Dragons)

“Traditional stuff, I guess. Just no tinsel.”

[Hannah: Why the tinsel vendetta?]

“It’s prone to static cling and sticks to my uniform. Makes it hard to have serious conversations with people.”


Bethany (From A Book Without Dragons)

“I want mine to be just silver decorations and white lights. Silver always gets used as a supplemental color to offset something else, so I don’t think it get appreciated enough.”


Cider (From A Book Without Dragons)

[Hannah: Cider isn’t an anthropomorphized dog, so I think we’ll go ahead and assume that he would like all of his decorations to be edible. Yes?]

“Bark! BarkBarkBark!”

[Hannah: Good boy.]


Ellsie (From The World That Forgot How to Dance)

[Hannah: … Okay, seriously, it’s been a week. Don’t over think the question.]

“I’m just trying to come up with something no one else has. I don’t want to look like I’m copying anyone.”

[Hannah: You could decorate it with ugly trolls.]

“I hate those things.”

[Hannah: Yeah, my point exactly. What do you want on the tree?]

“… Nothing. It’s nice as it is. I just think it’s fun having a pine tree inside.”

[Hannah: Fair enough.]


Lester (From The World That Forgot How to Dance)

“I’d like ornaments made from candy bars. Actual candy, though. You know… I want to be authentic and all that.”

[Hannah: You’re as bad as the dog.]


Denise (From The World That Forgot How to Dance)

“I’d like a bunch of ornaments representing different events in history so I can put them on the tree chronologically. Oldest at the bottom, newest at the top. Then the Star tree-topper needs to be plated with mirrors so it shows the present moment.”


Derryl (From Across Silence and Darkness)

Painted acorns. Actually, just give me acorns and paint and I’ll decorate them myself. Or make my roommate decorate them if I’m busy.

[Italics are because Derryl traded his voice for magic, and therefore can only write his response]


Yasden (From Across Silence and Darkness)

“Okay, so, I want a theme of blue and… Whoa, hey! What’s up with all the acorns?”

[Hannah: Your best friend volunteered you as acorn-painter.]

[Derryl: Thanks, buddy.]



My ‘dream tree’ would include a hand-painted bulb for each of my projects. Some day when I’m feeling artsy I’ll get around to making them.

How would you (or your characters) decorate your tree?

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  1. 😀
    Mrs Cairns would love red bows and white angels, Mr Cairns would prefer silvery stars and blue ornaments, Lynx would decorate the tree in rainbow colours, Ken loves trees in the outdoors (without decorations) and Bud – I guess he simply doesn’t care for Christmas trees (unless they are covered in treats).
    (all characters from my flash fiction series “Oh. My. Dog!”)

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