Cover Reveal – A Book Without Dragons


It’s here! It’s finished! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

A Book Without Dragons - Final


For those of you who aren’t regular visitors, my second novel, A Book Without Dragons, is going to hit the shelves on May 21st. It’s SciFi, Experimental, and I promise the title makes sense once you’ve read it.

Other posts for the book can be found Here.

So, it’s pretty obvious what *I* think of the cover, but I’m a bit biased 😉 What do you guys think???  


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  1. The cover is excellent. Caught my eye in eBookSoda’s offerings, got me to take a Look Inside at Amazon, and downloaded the book. May I ask who your designer was?

    • (sorry for the super late reply!) The cover was designed by I’d definitely recommend them. They were very patient with my piles and piles of revisions, and had very quick turnaround.

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