I know a secret code… d’you want in?


Hey there! Do you have a piece of paper handy? You might want to write this down…

My Science Fiction Novel, A Book Without Dragons, is coming out in May, and if you frequent this blog, you probably know that the book has a lot to do with clocks being wrong.

So, here’s the deal: in the coming weeks, I will casually mention something about clocks and say what time it is. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a different time (the uber-secret code is given below!) Find the matching letter and write it down. If you collect all 13 in order, they spell out a top-secret coupon that you can use on Etsy to get… wait for it… half off my new book!

Pretty easy, right? Here’s the first one…

“Say, old chap! Do you know what time it is? My clock says 9:20.”

Look up the letter, write that down, and keep an eye out for the next one! You’ll need 12 more (in the correct order) to get the coupon code.


A – 1:15

B – 1:37

C – 2:40

D – 2:58

E – 3:03

F – 3:42

G – 3:51

H – 4:26

I – 4:45

J – 5:19

K – 5:33

L – 6:22

M – 6:50

N – 7:38

O – 7:55

P – 8:01

Q – 8:23

R – 8:44

S – 9:20

T – 9:36

U – 10:35

V – 10:57

W – 11:11

X – 11:39

Y – 12:18

Z – 12:59



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