Because everyone deserves the opportunity to dance…


“The weirdest thing happened. I woke up last night, and I swore the clock said 9:36, but it was later than that when I went to bed.” (Confused? Click Here)


I’m boosting the signal for my friend, Symphoni, who is a dancer doing wonderful things in her community.

As anyone who has read my book knows, I love dancers. I admire them for their bravery, their strength, and their ability to translate emotions into movements. Symphoni is reaching out to the younger generation by giving them the opportunity to dance, and she is looking for sponsors to help them pursue their dream.

In her words:

“I have a dance team of girls ages 6-19 who are participating in their first dance competition on April 17, 2016. These girls have a passion for dance, but not a lot of money. This competition requires costume changes, props, etc that we cannot pay for. I don’t want to pull the girls from the competition, so I need your help.”

Also, on the subject of how dance can be a life-changing activity, she said, “Some of these girls are from low income homes. Some of the girls do not know their parents, live with neighbors, etc, so I teach them to dance and provide them with mentoring, positivity, and an outlet.”

If you are interested in offering financial support to these young dancers, please fill out the form below, and Symphoni will send you a paypal invoice. Any amount will bring these girls closer to their dream.

Anyone who makes a donation will receive a free e-book copy of my fantasy novelette The World That Forgot How to Dance as a personal thank you.


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