An Open Letter from a Fictional Character – Zabby


“Hey, settle an argument for me and my friends. It’s 3:03, isn’t it?” (Confused? Click Here)

Time for me to hand the keyboard over to another of my characters from A Book Without Dragons. Okay, Zabbytake it away!


Dear Readers,

So, I was sort of stuck for a topic, and I asked Hannah what I should write about, and she suggested Unitime. (Weird, right? I mean, next week’s letter is from the scientist who invented Unitime. Don’t you think maybe he should be the one to explain it?) But I guess I’ll give it a shot…

I really can’t tell you much about how Unitime works. It’s something to do with a bunch of satellites they launched a when I was a kid. I don’t know exactly when. 10 years ago? Maybe 15? Probably closer to 15, because I was still in grade school. I remember having a class party to watch the news broadcast. Someone’s mom made cupcakes for everyone.

I didn’t understand at all what the Unitime project was supposed to accomplish back then, and honestly I’m still a little fuzzy on it now. Before Unitime, we already had satellites controlling our phones and TV and stuff, and then one day they told us we had to rewire everything for these new Unitime satellites… which I was pretty sure did exactly the same thing.

But then I noticed that things were different (a good kind of different) after Unitime took over. There just weren’t technology problems anymore. No computer viruses. No need to remember a million passwords. None of that “Oh, I’ll call you later, my reception sucks here,” stuff. It was nice, really.

It wasn’t until college that I found out that Unitime does more than that. Apparently everything that runs on electricity has something to do with Unitime. I’m not just talking about your GPS and the Internet and those little micro-thingies for lost dogs.

Unitime is in the electronic locks for buildings, and the heart monitors at hospitals. It’s in the streetlamps. It’s in that little screen on the side of your coffee mug that tells you how hot your drink is! (Oh… Hannah tells me you don’t have that yet… How do you keep from burning your mouth all the time?)

Also, Unitime is in every clock in the world. Even the ones that used to run on pendulums were converted over to Unitime. My watch, my phone, the clock at the Diner—every single one of them. Which, as you’ve probably figured out by reading the other letters, is where all of this trouble gets started.




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  1. This is such a good idea for character and storyline development.
    I guess it also gets potential readers more invested in the people you’ve made.
    I kind of wish I’d done it before Yestin’s story had ended.

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