You’re Invited to my release party!


“It’s 11:11 – Make a wish!” (Confused? Click Here)


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Well, here we are! In another two weeks, A Book Without Dragons will be out in the world, and I am so excited! (Also, very sleepy—there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that happens in the home stretch—but mostly I’m just excited.)

And guess what?! I’m inviting you to an online release party. If you’ve never been to an online book release, check out my previous post Here. The party I attended for Coven was lots of fun, so I decided I definitely wanted to host one of my own when A Book Without Dragons was ready.

Here’s what I have planned so far:

Music – I’ll be sharing some of the songs that inspired the book

Trivia / Teasers – fun facts about the book and my writing process

Free Stuff! – Lots of it. I’ll be giving away copies of my book, swag packs (containing beaded bookmarks, magnets, and buttons), bookish pendants, a Tee shirt, and a coffee mug.

Questions / Answers – It’ll be an open floor for anything you want to know (about the book, about my writing, about the self-publishing process…)

Party Favors – Everyone is eligible for a wax-sealed thank you note and other goodies to be mailed directly to you.


The party will be May 21st (that’s a Saturday) from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The location is on my author Facebook page, so just RSVP Here so you’ll get a reminder, and then drop by my page that night.

This has been a long journey, so seeing everything finally come together like this is magical. Hopefully I’ll see you at the party!!    


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