Open Letter From a Fictional Character – Willow


It’s today!! A Book Without Dragons is officially out in the world! (Hey, have you been keeping up with the secret code? The last clue is 2:58.) And, in honor of that, we have our final open letter, directly to you from my main Character, Willow Ayers. 

(PS – don’t forget to come to my online release party tonight! I’m really looking forward to it!)


Hi Everyone,

So… Yeah, I’m Willow. Thanks for letting me talk to you today!

I know I should probably be talking about the specific scientific aspects of the Unitime Satellites, and don’t get me wrong, that’s all important. But here what I really want to talk about: The title.

It’s a weird title, right? “A Book Without Dragons.” Why would a book be defined by what’s not in it? I guess the first thing I’ll tell you about the title is that the title is an accurate statement. There really aren’t any dragons in the book.

But really, that’s the whole problem with the book: that there aren’t any dragons. Or elves, or fairies, or any of that other awesome fantasy stuff. (I love fantasy books, by the way.) I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let me back up…

See, there’s this book I read all the time. It’s called “Quest for the Enchanted Dragon,” and it’s 001 010110 10020



Good. It worked. Listen carefully, we don’t have much time.

My name is Quinton, and you shouldn’t believe anything Willow Ayers says. He isn’t what he seems. Nothing here is truly what it seems.

I can’t explain now. Too risky.

Just know that he won’t get away with it. I’ll track him down somehow. I’ll make sure he suffers for what he did.


01100 01010 100 So I guess it’s more of a metaphorical dragon when you think about it.

Anyway, I hope that clears a few things up for you! Thanks for giving me the chance to talk to you today. I’m a reader myself, and I know I would be excited to hear a message from some of my favorite characters.

Also, as a side note, if you haven’t read “Quest for the Enchanted Dragon,” it’s a good book and you should check it out. (Oh… well, Hannah tells me it hasn’t been written yet in your world, so I guess you can’t read it. Sorry.)

Happy reading to all of you!

– Willow



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  1. Just finished reading, and I’m sad that there wasn’t a dragon in the book. I love fantasy storues. But, there was a good dog. And interesting people, and changes of perspective. And plenty of philosophy and things to think about!
    Great story. Spread the word!

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