Weekend Coffee Share: Winter Reflections


If we were having coffee this weekend, we would be drinking it on a couch next to a crackling fireplace, and yet I would still find a way to be upset about Winter. I would tell you how much I miss being outside and feeling the sun. But I would also tell you that I’m working on my dislike of the cold months. I am trying to see them as a time of rest and reflection.

Therefore, let’s reflect…

It has been eight months since A Book Without Dragons was published. I find myself stressing about how to market the book, but whenever it starts to get overwhelming, I stop and remind myself to enjoy the fact that I have a book on the shelves. Two years ago, I would have given anything to be able to look at my bookshelf and see my own name staring back at me.

I never wanted to be the kind of writer who gets lost in the numbers of book sales. I never wanted to lose sight of the magic that drew me to writing in the first place. I have always insisted on living in a world slightly more magical than the world reality offers to me. I am afraid of letting that part of myself fade.

But the fear never lasts long. Once I notice how things have become a little too real, I invite the inner child back and she is always waiting for me. The trick is remembering to extend the invitation.

After telling you this, I would ask you if you ever felt the same way. I hope you will say yes, because I want to believe everyone has a version of themselves that is slightly more magical than they choose to let on. And if I am right about this, I would extend the invitation to your inner child as well, to see if they would like to come out and play.  

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  1. I picked up a journal I kept through highschool and into “college years” (I went on to a single year apprenticeship program rather than college.) I was reading it one day, when I realized how much MORE I dreamed and imagined about everything – from the rain to the clouds and the earth and the leaves. Everything held magic. Everything held something MORE.

    I reviewed my life in the past couple of years. My memories were mostly shades of gray. Going to work, communing with humans, writing about facts and feelings without fiction, and forgetting about my old friends in the vibrant green backyard garden of my imagination.

    As adults, we will always struggle between these two elements. It’s inevitable. We now have an obligation to the real world. But as you said, it’s nice to know there will always be the child within us. That child keeps me going as an adult. So while I may have forgotten how to play, I’m willing to come out and try again.

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