Soul Songs – Harold Snowiks


This post features Snowiks
from A Book Without Dragons.
No Spoilers

I was taking a walk with my iPod, browsing for soul songs—
[Hannah – You should prooobably explain what you mean by that, Liv.]
[Me – Good point, thanks.]

Music has always been very important…
[Hannah – no, not here. In a separate page with a linky thing. Like you do with my name.]
[Me – Why?]
[Hannah – Because you tend to be really long-winded, and I don’t want you to take up the whole blog post with the explanation.]
[Me – Okay, fine.]

Click Here for more info about Soul Songs.

[Hannah – Lol, why is it capitalized? Feeling self-important today, are we?]
[Me – Get out.]


I was taking a walk with my iPod, browsing for soul songs, when I assigned “21 Guns” by Greenday to Snowiks. I could actually pinpoint the exact spot on my rout where I chose it.

You can listen to the song here if you don’t know it.

It was the opening lyrics, really. “Do you know what’s worth fighting for / when it’s not worth dying for?”

That really summarized for me the core of Snowiks’ mental state. He became a police officer because he had wanted to solve big problems in the world. There’s no doubt in my mind that he would be willing to die to keep people safe.

But, in the absence of any problems that might demand such a sacrifice, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He really doesn’t know what’s worth fighting for, because he sees all of the problems in Chagrin Heights as trivial and unimportant.

Of course, as the book progresses, we see him change his definition of ‘importance,’ but this song really fits with his mentality for the majority of the book.


If you’re curious about
Snowiks’ book, you can
check it out here.

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