Christmas Character Meme


Merry Christmas, everyone! I put together a quick holiday character meme for anyone in need of some winter-themed chuckling. Just pick five characters (could be either your own, or from fandoms you like), write them down, and substitute their names into the following questions. Feel free to share your answers in the comments or post them on your own blog if you want!

Five Characters:






Of the characters on your list, who would most appreciate the following gifts?

– A high-end coffee maker

– A year’s supply of lollipops

– A tree planted in their honor in the rainforest

– A large bottle of whiskey

– A mason jar of fake blood

(5) is given the choice of wearing either antlers and a red nose, or a hideous sweater with blinking lights. Which does he/she pick and is he/she pleased with the situation?

Snowball fight! (1) and (4) against (2) and (5). Who dominates? Also, why didn’t (3) participate?

(4) is in charge of decorating the tree. How does it turn out?

In a Secret Santa exchange, (2) doesn’t know anything about the person he/she picked. What do they do?

It’s Christmas Eve and (3) hears sleigh bells on the roof! He/she gets up to investigate and bumps into (1) in the hallway. How does that conversation go?

If you want to see how mine went, you can check it out here. But this was definitely my favorite scenario:

Snowball fight! (Ellsie) and (Willow) against (Jasper) and (Navin). Who dominates? Also, why didn’t (Denise) participate?
Tough one… Because Jasper definitely has the tactical experience, but then again Ellsie is extremely quick and agile. However, looking at their partners, I’d say Jasper has a better shot. Navin may not be particularly strong or fast, but he’s gutsy. Willow would spend the majority of the fight hiding.

Denise didn’t participate because she was using the snow day as an extra study day for that big exam she has coming up. She will, however, join the group for snowman construction later on. (If she’s going to spend time in the snow, she wants something to show for it.)


Which characters did you use, and how did it turn out? I’d love to see some of your scenarios posted in the comments / link back to your own posts!

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