Weekend Coffee Share – A quiet little reunion



If we were having coffee this weekend, you’d probably be really surprised to see me. I would grin sheepishly over my tea mug and admit that, yes, it’s certainly been a while. I would apologize for all of the coffee dates I’d canceled, always saying that I was busy.

Although, I really have been busy, I would tell you, growing so excited I’d have to put my tea down so I wouldn’t spill it. So busy! Busy doing exciting things that I can’t wait to share with you.

Did you know that I had two new books coming out before the end of this year? No, of course you didn’t, because I didn’t tell you. But now you know! That’s what I’ve been working on all those times I didn’t show up for coffee. Content editing, adding new scenes, character consistency, language editing, copy editing…

I would sigh dramatically, but my smile would betray that I secretly enjoyed this aspect of writing as much as I love the magical drafting phase. Both of the books would be shorter, about the same length as my dancing book. If you then told me that you hadn’t read it, I would rummage around for a copy (I always seem to have one close by) and flip through it so you could see it was only 84 pages.

The new books are about the same length. Both are fantasy. One is a little experimental. The other is a lot experimental. The artwork is going to be similar to the dancing book, but with different colors in the background. Actually…

I would pick up a large, flat folder and hold it to my chest. I would tell you that I have the completed cover art right here, and I would want to show you, but something would make me wait. After all, the advance reader copies would be here soon, and wouldn’t it be better if I showed you the cover along with a chance to read the book itself?

But for now, I would be too excited to just put the folder away, so I’d give you just a peek at the title:


Once I’d stored the cover art safely away, I would return to drinking my tea and chattering about this new project and how much fun it’s been. Inevitably, you would ask me if this coffee was a one-time occurrence, or if I intended to come back every week like we used to do.

I would tap my finger on my cup, not wanting to make promises I couldn’t keep, but at the same time realizing how much I’d missed coming here and talking to you. In the end, I would say that I’d do my best, and at the very least, I’d certainly come around when my Early Reader Copies arrived.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee this weekend?

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  1. I am in awe of your enjoyment in copy editing your own prose. While I enjoyed writing, I could not face the editing part. Mostly, I suppose, because I was a freelance editor for most of my working years. I can compose and rewrite poems in my head while I’m exercising or out walking or doing other movement-type stuff. Also, the photography gets me out and keeping flexible. To write, and then edit, prose would not have worked before my retirement.

    When you mentioned Circle of Magic, were you referring to Tamora Pierce’s books? I remember reading her Alanna series and enjoying it very much. I will pick up the first Circle of Magic book. The meditation thing sounds interesting.

    I’m glad to have met you, and I’ll look forward to seeing the artwork for your new books.


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