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Hey, did you hear?! “A Book Without Dragons” was voted Online Book Club’s SciFi book of the year! To celebrate, I’m giving away three paperback copies. Click the link below to enter (Giveaway is open for one week, winners will be notified via e-mail.)

Thank you everyone who voted, and everyone who is following my author journey ^_^ Things are really getting exciting!

Click here to Enter!

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My characters want to send you a card!



I got my first Christmas card in the mail! In the midst of being super excited, I had an idea: What if my characters could send out cards to YOU?

So, here’s the deal – all you have to do is fill out the form below and you will receive in the mail a personalized, handwritten holiday card from a character of your choosing. I’m including a ‘special requests’ spot in the form, in case you want to ask your chosen character any questions. (ps – if you don’t have a specific character in mind, leave it blank and I’ll choose for you!)

Okay, let’s do this! I want to send some cards ^_^



Sneak Peak for Saturday’s Party


“Hurry up! It’s already 8:44 and we don’t wan’t to be late for the party.” (Confused? Click Here)

Its almost here!! My book launches this Saturday, and I’m so jittery and excited as I’m putting the final touches on my party preparations. (There’s still time to sign up! It’s all online. Click for details)

Check out my (very pretty!) freebies:

20160519_175258_resized Read the rest of this entry

You’re Invited to my release party!


“It’s 11:11 – Make a wish!” (Confused? Click Here)


magnet image

Well, here we are! In another two weeks, A Book Without Dragons will be out in the world, and I am so excited! (Also, very sleepy—there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that happens in the home stretch—but mostly I’m just excited.)

And guess what?! I’m inviting you to an online release party. If you’ve never been to an online book release, check out my previous post Here. The party I attended for Coven was lots of fun, so I decided I definitely wanted to host one of my own when A Book Without Dragons was ready. Read the rest of this entry

Because everyone deserves the opportunity to dance…


“The weirdest thing happened. I woke up last night, and I swore the clock said 9:36, but it was later than that when I went to bed.” (Confused? Click Here)


I’m boosting the signal for my friend, Symphoni, who is a dancer doing wonderful things in her community.

As anyone who has read my book knows, I love dancers. I admire them for their bravery, their strength, and their ability to translate emotions into movements. Symphoni is reaching out to the younger generation by giving them the opportunity to dance, and she is looking for sponsors to help them pursue their dream. Read the rest of this entry

The Advance Reader Copies are Here!


“Wait, hold up… did you just say it was 2:58? Can’t be!” (Confused? Click here.)

Guess what??!! The advanced reader copies of my new book came in yesterday! (So very excited.) And I’ve set aside 10 of them specifically for my social media family. (That means YOU!) So, send me an e-mail and you could read A Book Without Dragons for free!


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Teaser from my new book!


First off, I accidentally skipped a week on my secret code so, here’s a double dose…. 

“My clock stopped and it’s been stuck on 3:03 for days.”

“It can’t be 1:15 already! Your watch must be fast.” 

And now, on to the main event 🙂 Here is a teaser from my new novel A Book Without Dragons, featuring Willow.


Willow Ayers heard the news station’s ‘breaking story’ jingle, and promptly abandoned the simulation he was running on his computer. He crossed the cozy bed and breakfast suite in a few less-than-graceful strides and crouched in front of the little television, breathing shallowly, eyes wide and terrified as they locked on the news lady reporting that the hostage situation in Boise was finally under control.

“Now that the hostage has been rescued,” the anchor announced, “authorities have confirmed that it is not the Unitime engineer, Willow Ayers.”

Yes, but is the hostage okay? Willow thought desperately as the reporter summarized the story for the benefit of those who hadn’t been following it all day. Is he hurt? Will he recover? Read the rest of this entry

I know a secret code…


Hey there! Do you have a piece of paper handy? You might want to write this down…

My Science Fiction Novel, A Book Without Dragons, is coming out in May, and if you frequent this blog, you probably know that the book has a lot to do with clocks being wrong.

So, here’s the deal: in the coming weeks, I will casually mention something about clocks and say what time it is. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a different time (the uber-secret code is given below!) Find the matching letter and write it down. If you collect all 13 in order, they spell out a top-secret coupon that you can use on Etsy to get… wait for it… half off my new book!

Pretty easy, right? Here’s the first one… Read the rest of this entry

Cover Reveal coming soon (or even SOONER?!)


Hey Friends! 

My front cover for A Book Without Dragons is done, and beautiful (and it’s totally my phone’s lock screen because I ❤ it so much!) The official cover reveal is January 27th. 


If you want to see it even sooner, sign up for my newsletter before this Wednesday. You’ll see it a full week sooner than everyone else 🙂 Click Here to sign up.



Upcoming Excitement…


Good Morning, lovely people!

We are a mere 4.5 months from the release of A Book Without Dragons (can you believe it!!) and I just wanted to give you a heads up about my next round of blog posts.

As you know, I recently did Character Reveals for the five main POV people (well… one of them is a dog…). You can check them in this nifty combined page Here.

So, now that you’ve all met, I decided to give the characters a chance to talk directly to you, the readers. I gave them each the assignment to compose a letter telling the readers about some aspect of the book that they think you should know.

In addition to the letters, I will be posting five “Chapter 0” segments. These are exploring the moments directly before each character’s opening scene, and each will be written in that character’s unique tense / style (Confused about the ‘tense / style’ thing? Click here.)

Okay, friends, let’s do this!

Holiday Sale!


Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m having a holiday sale for my book on Etsy! Use Coupon Code DANCE to get a dollar off my new fantasy novelette, “The World That Forgot How to Dance.” (It would make a unique stocking stuffer! Also, I’ll sign and personalize them at no extra charge.)

Click Here to go to my Etsy shop

I’ll be running this sale from now until December 31st. Happy reading 🙂

Dancing Cover

Social Media Regrouping


I’ve been steadily collecting various social media platforms over the past year. (Kind of like a crazy cat lady… oh, just one more…) I figured now might be a good time to just regroup and establish what purpose each of these lovely, cuddly platforms are serving.

So, if you’ve been looking for new and exciting ways to spend time with me on the internet, this blog post is for you! (The titles are all clickable, except for “blog.” Since, y’know… you’re already here…)

 Blog: I update the blog weekly with any of the following: insights to my writing process, announcements, interviews with characters, little stories / crossovers / deleted scenes involving characters, or book reviews. Or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Facebook: I use this one mostly for pictures and for sharing book-related posts. I’ll also share something if it makes me think of a specific character of mine. You’ll also find the occasional old-school status update. Read the rest of this entry

Online Release Party for Coven


Did you know that there is such a thing as an online Book Release Party? I didn’t until I was informed by the editor of Coven that we were having one (It’s September 29th! Almost here!), so I did some research and I am SO very glad that this is a thing, because it sounds really fun!

Basic premise: you create an event page on Facebook for the date of the release. One that day, anyone who wants to can show up and post questions to the event page. The authors are on their computers for the duration of the party and answer the questions in real time. Fun stuff!

The whole concept is really intriguing to me, just because I get so delighted when I post on someone’s Facebook and they immediately respond and I realize that we’re both online at the same moment. A release party is going to be a whole day of that magical, warm-fuzzy feeling. Read the rest of this entry

I have a Newsletter! Anyone want in??


Hey, friends! 

Ever have one of those days where you wish Olivia Berrier would send a virtual goodie-bag of giveaways and exclusive content right to your inbox? Well, the time has come… 

I’m starting an e-mail newsletter, mostly because I realize that not everyone lives on the Internet, and I’d hate for people to miss out on exciting promotions. So, this is not a duplicate of my blog content. It’s just something you’d get every other month or so (maximum of 6 / year) letting you know what’s free, what’s on sale, what’s exciting, and perhaps some exclusive only-available-to-newsletter-subscribers content. 

Interested? Sign up here!

Standard Newsletter rules apply: I don’t share your info with anyone, you can opt out at any time. 


Cover Reveal – The World That Forgot How to Dance


Here it is!! ISN’T IT PRETTY???!!!

Cropped Cover

The cover art was done by my mother, Susan Kent Berrier, and I am so in love with the way it turned out! She referenced a lot of pictures on my Pinterest board to get a feel for how Ellsie looked in my mind, and I think she totally nailed it! (Don’t you just love that skirt??) Read the rest of this entry

Dover Comic Con 2015


Well, the second annual Dover Comic Con was AMAZING! (Seriously, if you’re close to Delaware, or if you’re in the mood for a road trip, try to make it next year. So much fun!) In my true Olivia fashion, I frequently thought to myself “hm.. probably should have taken a picture of that…” after the opportunity had passed. I’m a bad millennial, what can I say?

Here are the highlights I did capture, though:


First off, this was my table. Purty, I know ❤ That sign in the back refused to stick to the wall with the tape I’d brought, so I had to send my Dad and sister to get me duct tape. They came back with—wait for it—Star Wars themed duct tape. Read the rest of this entry

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You…. (!!!)


Yes! That’s right, I’ve been coddling this particular idea in secret for quite some time now, but let’s make it official. In May of 2016, I will be publishing another novel. I’ve actually mentioned it once or twice on the blog before, under the code name “Clocks.” (The posts are here and here if you wanted to read them.) However, if I’m finally putting this book on the calendar, it’s time to give it a real name. So (I guess let’s call this the Title Reveal? Things always sound more exciting when you put ‘reveal’ after it…) the title of my upcoming novel is:

A Book Without Dragons


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Self-publishing adventures: I got The Box!!


Hey, remember when I told you I was going to be self-publishing the Dancing Novelette? (No? Its here if you’re curious.) Well, I got a box in the mail. The Box. THE BOX!!!

Yeah, I painted out the cover. *Grins wickedly* Cover reveal is in a couple weeks, guys!! It's so pretty <3

Yeah, I painted out the cover. *Grins wickedly* Cover reveal is in a couple weeks, guys!! It’s so pretty ❤

I’ve watched YouTube videos of authors getting The Box, and found myself to be (ahem…) less eloquent than the majority of my colleagues. Or rather, I squealed incoherently for several minutes. But the books were just so cute and pretty and… real!
Read the rest of this entry

Book Giveaway! Win a Copy of No More Heroes!!


Giveaway is Now Closed
Thanks to all who entered! The randomly selected winner was comment #5: Tina Whitney. 

Well, friends, you’ve heard me talk about my story in the No More Heroes anthology (what’s that? You haven’t?! Well feel free to look around) and now I’m giving some lucky person out there the chance to own the anthology for freeee! *crowd goes wild*


You can check out the Amazon page for more details (including retail value), but here’s the basic premise of the anthology: There was once an epic battle between the superheroes and the supervillains but (plot twist!) the villains won. Which begs the question “What do supervillains do when they don’t have heroes to get in their way?” The anthology is that question answered by many different authors. Read the rest of this entry

I’m starting a new adventure… self publishing!


As you know, I’ve been running a web serial on Wednesdays. I figured that once the serial had run through its 29 chapters, I would leave The World That Forgot How to Dance up as a permanent feature on my blog. Then I thought: hey, what if I also had it available as a pretty PDF so people could read it on their e-readers? And then I thought: well, if I’m already kinda sorta halfway self-publishing this thing, why not go all the way?

So, friends, I am officially working through the magical jungles of self-publishing. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t a route high school Olivia was planning on taking, and college Olivia was pretty skeptical as well, but now that I’m actually doing it I’m realizing that self-publishing is such a great choice for me. Read the rest of this entry

New Published Story! (and the bracelet that inspired it)


Guess what, friends? I have a new story out there! It was published by Every Day Fiction on March 1st, and you can read it right here. This is not my first time publishing with EDF, but the first time I’ve had a fantasy (fantasy-ish? Someone in the comments called it a parable, which may be closer) piece appear on their website.

This story began as an object. This one.

Angel Bracelet

I was given this bracelet by my Great Aunt, who is also my pen pal, and a delightfully eclectic lady. I’ve always been oddly fascinated with holding it and playing with it. It has a very nice weight which I find comforting, and I’ve always really enjoyed the concept of angels, so one morning I decided I really wanted to write a story that incorporated both angels and beaded bracelets. Read the rest of this entry

Roanoke Regional Writers’ Conference


Another full weekend of writer-ly things! I attended the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, held at the one and only Hollins University. If I can learn more about writing while visiting my alma mater, I become one happy Olivia. And I was. It was a fantastic time.

Dan Smith (the awesome dude in the picture below!) did an amazing job of bringing this event together. I’m so grateful to him and all of the speakers who taught the classes.

Dan Smith

A few of my big takeaways from the weekend: Read the rest of this entry

Follow Fest 2014


FollowFest 2014

Sooo… before I jump in here, just a note on what I’m doing. I recently discovered a particularly neat idea called Follow Fest, orchestrated by the very clever Melissa Maygrove. It is, as she describes it, a ‘cyber meet-and-greet with social media links for business cards.’ If this is the first you’ve heard of this, it’s going on from September 22 – 26 if you wanted to hop aboard. It sounds like a good time.

And if you found me through this Follow Fest, then welcome! Do come in 🙂 Feel free to browse around; most of my characters don’t bite. I’ll be off exploring some awesome blogs, but holler if you need me! Read the rest of this entry

Oh, look: Free stuff!


I have another story publication coming up very soon (YAY!) , so since I’ll be posting something about that early next week, I’ll keep this Saturday post short.

I’m finally doing some much-needed cleaning, and ran across the free things I had on my table at my first Comic Con adventure. These are the random shineys I was giving out:

Yes, those are indeed bookish origami things :-) I had WAY too many fun making those...

Yes, those are indeed bookish origami things 🙂 I had WAY too much fun making those…

Read the rest of this entry

Dover Comic Con… (in which Olivia has a Moment)


So, Dover Comic Con was kind of amazing. And by “kind of” I obviously mean indisputedly amazing. Oh my GOSH, you guys!!! What a great weekend! If you will permit me some newbie gushing moments…

When I got to Artist’s Alley, the beyond-wonderful volunteers at the Library told me to find my name on one of the tables. (I may have reverted back to grade school Olivia and got really excited about seeing my name on a desk…) On my table, I also found this badge, and did my little “Eeeee someone called me an Artist” dance.


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New Publication! “The Truth Behind Letters”


This post features my shiny, new story, The Truth Behind Letters
It also talks about Waiting Room.

No Spoilers

On this most delightful of Saturdays, I have a new short story to add to my list of publications :-D.

This particular story is an interesting ‘first’ for me, because this is the first time I’ve written a story as a sequel to a previous story. Does anyone remember Waiting Room? Yeah: this is the same Samantha. Her character survey is located here if you want a refresher as to who she is. Read the rest of this entry