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Mash Up – Willow, Lester, and a magical tiara


This post contains the following characters:
Willow from A Book Without Dragons
Lester from The World That Forgot How to Dance
Drabble type: Crossover / Two Character Mash Up
No Spoilers

Welcome to another of my Two Character Mash Ups! (Yeah, I really didn’t need to capitalize that… but it makes me feel all important and stuff…) This story is the product of Willow x Lester x Disneyland. Enjoy!


“Hey, buddy, did you see a bunch of kids go by here?”

Willow looked up at the owner of the question, wondering how he could possible word his response so as not to hurt the guy’s feelings. After all, they were literally surrounded by children. “Can you be more specific?”

“Kids. You know…” Lester held a hand at his thigh to indicate the approximate height of those he was so frantically seeking. His other hand clutched a plastic tiara. Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Snowiks and the Post Office



This post features Snowiks from A Book Without Dragons.
No Spoilers

Drabble Type: Canon (aka – Events that really happened to the characters)
Timeline: After the events of the book 


Snowiks opened his e-mail with the daily sense of defeat. He didn’t know why he still checked it, really. It was considered antiquated. (People these days were using voice-snaps, which Snowiks refused to send simply because the name sounded stupid.) This time, though, his routine wasn’t for the sake of warming up the keyboard – he had a message.

And what’s more: the message was from the post office. Paper mail hadn’t been delivered for the past decade, but the establishment still existed. The e-mail concisely informed him that he had something waiting for him and could he please pick it up before next Thursday?

No need to wait that long. After his shift ended, he didn’t even swing by his home before heading towards the local post branch. (‘Local’ takes on the meaning of ‘a two hour drive’ when one lives in a town as small as Chagrin Heights.) Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Pumpkin Spice Day


This post features Jasper and Snowiks from A Book Without Dragons.
No Spoilers

Drabble Type: Meta (aka – characters know they are characters)


Chief Snowiks saw a brief shadow on the door only moments before it swung open—Jasper, apparently, didn’t feel the need to knock.

He also didn’t feel obliged to ask Snowiks if he was busy. “Chief! It’s Pumpkin Spice Day! Where were you?”

Snowiks flipped over the top paper on the pile, though it was purely a reflex. Jasper technically had security clearance to look at anything that might pass over his desk. “I was right here,” he said. “And what is…?”

“Pumpkin Spice Day,” Jasper repeated, holding out a to-go cup of coffee as if that explained everything. Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Ellsie and Lester Carving Pumpkins


This short story features characters from my novelette The World That Forgot How to Dance.
No Spoilers


“Ellsie, will you leave it alone? The pumpkin looks fine.”

Lester’s voice poked a hole in Ellsie’s concentration, so she stopped dancing before she could call the magic into her movements. She gave Lester the stink-eye, which would have been much more effective if he’d been looking at her. Lester, however, was dedicatedly working on carving a jack-o-lantern and couldn’t be bothered.

Sighing, Ellsie frowned at her own pumpkin, which hadn’t even been hollowed out yet. “It’s not fine,” she insisted. “It has this giant lump on it.”

“And it’s a fine lump,” he said. “A glorious lump. The best lump in the whole world.” Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Derryl has a bad dream


The release of the Coven anthology is almost upon us!! In honor of that, here is a little snippet of the characters in my story, “Across Silence and Darkness.” Unlike my usual drabbles, this one takes place in the character’s own world. This is just me peeking in on what they were doing before the story came along. Enjoy!

Any questions about the story, the characters, or the (almost here!) anthology: drop me a comment 🙂


After what felt like years of combating the nightmare holding him prisoner, Derryl finally fought his way back to consciousness. He sat up in bed, kicking the blankets away as if they contained the disease of bad dreams and just touching them might be enough to infect him again.

Once this foolishness was completed, Derryl faced a familiar problem: should he go back to bed or not? Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: It’s Just a Pattern


This post contains the following original characters:
Lester – from The World That Forgot How to Dance
Harold Snowiks – from A Book Without Dragons

Normally when I write two-character mash ups I try to incorporate a couple of extra elements, but when I started off with Lester and Snowiks the scene just seemed too perfect to add anything else.

Snowiks is from my new project, A Book Without Dragons, and he’s an old and somewhat jaded police officer. Lester is from The World That Forgot How to Dance and is the sort of person who has frequent run-ins with the Law.

So, consider this an alternate timeline of Lester’s earlier dancing days, if Snowiks had been born into Lester’s world. Let the fun commence. Read the rest of this entry

My Characters Enjoying Summer Activities


This post contains characters from the following:
The World That Forgot How to Dance
No More Heroes
A Book Without Dragons
Across Silence and Darkness (Featured in the upcoming anthology Coven)

In honor of the glorious month known as August, I asked my characters to choose their favorite Summer activity. (Also, this’ll be by first time letting the characters from my just-announced upcoming novel–A Book Without Dragons–show their pretty faces on the internet. Say hi, everybody!)


(From The World That Forgot How to Dance)

“Stargazing. Or really, anything that happens late at night and outside. Since I normally practice my dancing at night (it’s just safer that way) I associate the night with all of the feelings that go along with dance.”

(From No More Heroes)

“Planning next year’s classes. It’s nice to have the space to really analyze what worked last year and what didn’t.”

[Hannah: Wow. Sounds… fun.]

“I wear flip flips while I do it.”  Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Zen’s Hens


This post features my character Zen
His story appears in the No More Heroes anthology
No Spoilers

Once while writing, I accidentally rhymed within a sentence. (I want to say the sentence was discussing ‘Bill’s skills.’) I was amused. I giggled. And then I proceeded to find words to rhyme all of my character’s names.

I am an expert in procrastination.

Anyway, if the image is particularly intriguing to me, I’ll write it out. So, here’s one for my grumpy mathematician, Zen.


Zen’s morning began with dropping his coffee on the way to his office, and he was convinced that there was no possible event that could make him put the loss of much-needed caffeine out of his mind. This was before he opened the door and saw the chickens. Read the rest of this entry

My Characters Hunting for Eggs


This post features the following characters from my stories
Matt from The TimeWarp Bill
Trevor from School Spirit
Janice from Across Silence and Darkness (To be published in the Anthology Coven!)

Happy Easter, everyone! Just for funsies I decided to send my characters out on an Easter egg hunt. The eggs are all labeled with their names and contain the candies they like best. Have a great holiday everyone! I will be enjoying the sunshine and keeping myself from eating too much candy.


Matt reached the top of the hill, and then referenced the ratty slip of paper in his pocket before heading towards the birdbath surrounded by daffodils. He extracted the blue plastic egg from the flowers and popped it open to get at the candy inside.


Matt paused mid-Butterfinger at the sound. It wasn’t the right pitch to be any of his electronic devices complaining of a low battery. In fact, it was so quiet that he thought he might have imagined it entirely. Well, whatever, then. He checked his list again and walked off towards the picturesque little cottage on the egg hunting field. Read the rest of this entry

My Characters Ordering Winter Beverages


Well, I don’t know about you guys, but my corner of the world has been feeling the full wrath of January weather this past week. As a daydreaming topic one chilly morning, I asked all of my characters what their favorite hot beverage was. Here are some of the answers. As usual, my alter-ego Hannah interjected whenever it suited her. Her words are in the [brackets].


Rodney from School Spirit 

“Hot apple cider. With a cinnamon stick, please!”


Lisa from Ball Girl 

“Chai tea with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream melted in it.” Read the rest of this entry

Talking to my Alter-Ego: 2015 Goals


 I was feeling excited for the upcoming new year, so I went ahead and created my 2015 goals (with a little unsolicited help from my alter-ego, Hannah.) I hope everyone has a safe and inspiring start to a brand new year! Also, if anyone wants to add their goals to the comments, I’d love to see what 2015 has in store.


I was rudely distracted from the nearly blank index card by a cheap noisemaker as Hannah joined me in my corner of solitude. She was wearing a conical hat and carrying a sparkler in one hand, and a champagne glass in the other.

“Starting early, aren’t you?” I asked. “New Years is still a few days off.”

“Hey, you’re the one doing goal setting,” Hannah said, gesturing at the card with her sparkler and sitting across from me. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s the new year for us literary types.” She giggled in a way that made me think this wasn’t her first glass of champagne. “So, what do you have so far? Anything?”

“Um, well, the normal stuff—”

Hannah snorted at this. “Normal. You totally just started this thing with the cards last year.” Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: What does a dragon do for Christmas?


This post features characters from School Spirit
No Spoilers

I have a little Christmas story for you this week 🙂 I was actually really happy with the way this cavity-inducing tale turned out. Unlike some of my other drabbles, this one is In-World, taking place after the events in Trevor and Rodney’s original story. I hope you enjoy it!


“Are you sure that’s the way it was before?” Rodney called from the top of the enormous pine tree.

Trevor squinted up at the sky, and was far more concerned with the likelihood of snow than he was in the placement of the star. “It’s great. It’s perfect,” he told the dragon for the fifth time.

“And you’re sure nothing else fell off?”

“Positive. Just come down.” Read the rest of this entry

My Characters being Thankful


This post features characters from my stories
No Spoilers

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

In the spirit of the Holiday, I asked all of my characters what they were thankful for. The little interjections inside the square brackets are from my Alter-Ego, Hannah, keeping my people honest.


Matt from The TimeWarp Bill

“Man, I don’t know… Is it corny if I put down the stuff that happened in my story?”

[Hannah: very corny, but please go on.]

“Well, it sort of changed my mind about some things. So that’s good and all. So quit making fun of me.”

[Hannah: Not making fun of you, Sweetie. I like corny.] Read the rest of this entry

Talking to my Alter-Ego: Kaleb’s Story


I’m struggling with something. Hannah (my alter-ego) and I have been chatting about it for a while, but no real conclusions, so I thought I’d post the conversation and see if anyone out there had any thoughts.

If you’ve been following for a while, you might have met Kaleb, my main character from a story called “Loved by Numbers.” This was originally published in 2009 by Deadman’s Tome (then called Demonic Tome). The magazine has since taken down their archives, so the story is no longer available on the web.

I’ve been thinking about trying to get it reprinted elsewhere, but here’s the problem: I wrote the story six years ago. I’ve grown as a writer since then. If I wrote the story today, I probably wouldn’t submit it because it wouldn’t be up to my current standards. But at the same time, I was really proud of the story originally, and I like Kaleb as a character. I want to give people the chance to meet him in his home story. 

I don’t know. Anyway, here are Hannah’s thoughts on the matter. If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it 🙂


“So, what’s your problem with the story?” Hannah asked.

I flinched at her language choice. “I don’t have a problem with it…” Read the rest of this entry

My Characters Complaining about Halloween Costumes


This Post features the following characters from my stories
Kaleb from Loved by Numbers
Zen from No More Heroes
No Spoilers

Happy Halloween, everyone!!

I held my traditional Halloween social for my characters. They all exist together in their Out-of-Story state, but they tend to stick with their plot-mates, so I occasionally hold little events to force interaction. (You know, for funsies)

Anyway, I decided this year to make costumes mandatory, and by assignment only. Here’s a snippet of my Alter Ego dealing with Kaleb’s reaction. I hope everyone had a fun, safe, candy-filled day!


 “Hannah, I’m not wearing this!” Kaleb stormed into the room Hannah was currently using as her ‘office.’ This changed frequently depending on her mood; sometimes with a corporate business feel, sometimes like a cozy therapy room. At the moment, it resembled the backstage of a theater production, what with the costumes she was gleefully doling out on my behalf.

“Wow, I’m shocked,” she said.

“You know I hate math.” Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: My Characters Playing “Never Have I Ever”


This post features the following characters from my stories:
Matt from The TimeWarp Bill
Lisa from Ball Girl
Wistal from The Suicide Game
Zen from No More Heroes 
No Spoilers 

Pardon me while I ask my characters to do random things for my own amusement 🙂 As usual, I asked my alter-ego Hannah to be the moderator for these little events. This is slightly different from other drabbles in that the characters are completely OOS (Out of Story), meaning that they are fully aware of their status as story characters. Enjoy! 


“Sooo… can we start yet, or what?” Matt asked after making a paper airplane out of his game rules and watching it take a disappointingly short flight across the room.

“Hannah said there were supposed to be four of us,” Lisa said as she read her own rules a third time, even though the game wasn’t all that difficult to understand.

A voice called from the hallway, “I found him,” a moment before Hannah led the somewhat disgruntled man inside and pointed sternly at the empty space on the couch. Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Samantha and Zen


This post features the following characters:
Samantha from Waiting Room
Zen from Dove Without Wings (No More Heroes)
No Spoilers

First off, thank you muchly to everyone who voted in my previous post! (If you missed it, fear not. I’ll probably do it again because I had a good time with this!) 

So, the Drabble you picked for me was Zen + Samantha + a wine-tasting party. Which was a fun little challenge because Zen would never go to something like that unless being forced. I tried writing it from both points of view, but ultimately chose this one. I almost always write from inside Samantha’s head, so it was cool seeing what someone else thinks of her. (Even if that someone is Zen, who has very low emotionality compared to my other characters, but hey.)  Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Zen and Rodney


This post features the following characters from my stories:
Zen from Dove Without Wings
Rodney from School Spirit
No Spoilers

Another writing exercise I favor is the ‘two-character mash up.’ I choose two characters at random (I have a huge list of all my characters, and a jar with numbers in it) and then either choose a word from the dictionary, or ask someone for a suggestion. Then I write a short drabble with both characters, and the word.

I find that I can learn a lot about my people (or dragons, in this case) by throwing them in odd situations with personalities they don’t normally encounter. And yeah, it’s also fun 😉 Let’s not forget that.

So this little piece is the sum of Zen + Rodney + ‘inflate’


The sound of tapping on the window finally wriggled its way inside Zen’s protective bubble of studious concentration. Reluctantly, he left the equations on his chalkboard and turned towards his office’s singular window. Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: My Characters Watching the Olympics


This story features the following characters from my stories:
Kaleb from Loved by Numbers
Lisa from Ball Girl
Trevor from School Spirit
No Spoilers

I’ve found several definitions for “Drabble,” none of which truly matched mine, but I’m going to use it anyway because that’s what I’ve always called bits of writing such as this. Here’s what the word means to me:

Drabbles are pieces of writing that I do for the sole purpose of learning more about my characters, and are not intended to be part of their actual stories. In this particular type of drabble, I put characters from different stories together, give them an activity (which may or may not make sense in their world), and observe how they interact.

I wrote this one (shocker!) while the Winter Olympics were on.
“When is the hockey game coming back?” Kaleb asked from the corner of the couch where he was sprawling in his nest of candy bar wrappers.
Read the rest of this entry