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Open Letter From a Fictional Character – Willow


It’s today!! A Book Without Dragons is officially out in the world! (Hey, have you been keeping up with the secret code? The last clue is 2:58.) And, in honor of that, we have our final open letter, directly to you from my main Character, Willow Ayers. 

(PS – don’t forget to come to my online release party tonight! I’m really looking forward to it!)


Hi Everyone,

So… Yeah, I’m Willow. Thanks for letting me talk to you today!

I know I should probably be talking about the specific scientific aspects of the Unitime Satellites, and don’t get me wrong, that’s all important. But here what I really want to talk about: The title.

It’s a weird title, right? “A Book Without Dragons.” Why would a book be defined by what’s not in it? I guess the first thing I’ll tell you about the title is that the title is an accurate statement. There really aren’t any dragons in the book. Read the rest of this entry

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You…. (!!!)


Yes! That’s right, I’ve been coddling this particular idea in secret for quite some time now, but let’s make it official. In May of 2016, I will be publishing another novel. I’ve actually mentioned it once or twice on the blog before, under the code name “Clocks.” (The posts are here and here if you wanted to read them.) However, if I’m finally putting this book on the calendar, it’s time to give it a real name. So (I guess let’s call this the Title Reveal? Things always sound more exciting when you put ‘reveal’ after it…) the title of my upcoming novel is:

A Book Without Dragons


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New Published Story! (and the bracelet that inspired it)


Guess what, friends? I have a new story out there! It was published by Every Day Fiction on March 1st, and you can read it right here. This is not my first time publishing with EDF, but the first time I’ve had a fantasy (fantasy-ish? Someone in the comments called it a parable, which may be closer) piece appear on their website.

This story began as an object. This one.

Angel Bracelet

I was given this bracelet by my Great Aunt, who is also my pen pal, and a delightfully eclectic lady. I’ve always been oddly fascinated with holding it and playing with it. It has a very nice weight which I find comforting, and I’ve always really enjoyed the concept of angels, so one morning I decided I really wanted to write a story that incorporated both angels and beaded bracelets. Read the rest of this entry

The TimeWarp Bill: 8 Random Facts


This post features my story The TimeWarp Bill
Newly reprinted by The Fast-Forward Festival
Spoilers have been whited out

Exciting news! The TimeWarp Bill, originally published by Spaceports and Spidersilk in April 2013, is now also a part of the delightful webzine The Fast-Forward Festival! You can read if here if you’re interested 🙂 Also, if you found my blog after reading the story, then welcome to my internet playground! 

So, in honor of the reprinting of this story, I’m posting 8 bits of trivia about the story / characters / writing process. Spoilers have been whited out between these [[ Greetings! ]]. Highlight between the brackets to read them. 


1.   So far, this has been my only story in which my two main characters don’t have a names. The main character is Matt, and the guy you meet later on is Andrew (he goes by AJ) but I just couldn’t find a way to gracefully insert that information into the story without sounding forced.
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New Publication! “The Truth Behind Letters”


This post features my shiny, new story, The Truth Behind Letters
It also talks about Waiting Room.

No Spoilers

On this most delightful of Saturdays, I have a new short story to add to my list of publications :-D.

This particular story is an interesting ‘first’ for me, because this is the first time I’ve written a story as a sequel to a previous story. Does anyone remember Waiting Room? Yeah: this is the same Samantha. Her character survey is located here if you want a refresher as to who she is. Read the rest of this entry



So, remember how I said I was going to update only on Saturdays?

Do you also remember from my first post how I often break my own rules?

I’ll still keep up with my Saturday content, I promise, however I had an exciting moment that I couldn’t wait the long week to share.

I have another publication on the way!

I came home to find my SASE waiting for me in the mail, addressed in orange sharpie (I like colors…), and I was mentally preparing to bring my rejection count closer to the mythical 100 (almost there, by the way!). But I discovered instead happiness in the form of a piece of paper containing the words “intention to publish.”

It’s a poem this time. I’m mainly a fiction kind of girl, but I do enjoy poetry as well. This one is called “A Song of Flowers” and is one of my rhyme and meter endeavors. It has found a home in The Storyteller Magazine, and will be in the upcoming April / May / June issue, at which time I will probably dance, or cry, or both.