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Scenelette: My Characters Watching the Olympics


This story features the following characters from my stories:
Kaleb from Loved by Numbers
Lisa from Ball Girl
Trevor from School Spirit
No Spoilers

I’ve found several definitions for “Drabble,” none of which truly matched mine, but I’m going to use it anyway because that’s what I’ve always called bits of writing such as this. Here’s what the word means to me:

Drabbles are pieces of writing that I do for the sole purpose of learning more about my characters, and are not intended to be part of their actual stories. In this particular type of drabble, I put characters from different stories together, give them an activity (which may or may not make sense in their world), and observe how they interact.

I wrote this one (shocker!) while the Winter Olympics were on.
“When is the hockey game coming back?” Kaleb asked from the corner of the couch where he was sprawling in his nest of candy bar wrappers.
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