I am open to any and all

  • Questions
  • Suggestions
  • Philosophical ponderings
  • Jokes of the day
  • Blog post requests
  • Reading recommendations
  • Cookie recipes
  • You get the idea… 

Send your thoughts my way 🙂

Or, if you’re into the hold-in-your-hands paper kind of contact, I now have a PO Box:

Olivia Berrier
PO Box 482
31 East Main Street
New Kingstown, PA 17072

You can also contact me as a direct message through Twitter or Facebook


I will always reply in whatever method was used to contact me. If you send an e-mail, you’ll get an e-mail. If you send a letter, you’ll getting a letter. (The letter will probably have a fancy wax seal, because I’m into those at the moment.)

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