Greetings! You’re probably here because I referred to ‘Soul Songs’ in a blog post, and you saw that the words were clickable.

Well—as is my way—the name makes it sound more important than it is. When I say ‘Soul Song’ I really just mean the song that I associate most strongly with a particular character. (Whether the words get capitalized or not is solely dependent on how I feel at any given moment. Apologies to anyone who is bothered by capitalization inconsistency. CoughMomCough.)

But at the same time, it’s something that I take very seriously. It’s more than, ‘Yeah, this song kinda makes me think of [character.]’ Songs like that show up on my project playlists all the time, and they’re fine in their own way. But they aren’t soul songs.

Here are the criteria I set for myself when picking a soul song:

  • It needs to have appropriate lyrics
  • It needs to be the sort of thing the character would listen to
  • I need to have a gut feeling about it.

And you really can’t force that ‘gut feeling’ part of it. I have some pretty major characters out there who still don’t have soul songs because I just haven’t found one that really resonates with them. And that’s okay, because when that feeling of ‘Oh wow, this is [character]’s song!’ is really fun and worth waiting for.