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Katie Merkel’s Scavenger Hunt!



So, I saw this on Katie Merkel’s blog, and y’all KNOW I can’t resist games. Katie challenged us to find a book for each of 12 categories. Here are my answers (and here is a link to her original post if you want to play along too!)


  1. A weapon
    – Game of Thrones – There are SO many, but let’s go with Needle
  2. A difficult decision
    – A Moment in the Sun – Rei’s decision to leave home
  3. A beautiful setting
    – The World That Forgot How to Dance – (Whaaat? shameless self-promotion?? Don’t judge me.) I’m thinking of the final scene ❤
  4. A first kiss
    – Ready Player One – This book actually fit into so many categories, lol.
  5. A mistake
    – The Martian – Don’t. Blow. Up. The. HAB.
  6. A betrayal
    – The Lord of the Rings – I’m looking at you, Smeagol…
  7. A loss
    – Between a Rock and a Hard Place (aka – 127 hours) – Spoiler alert, it’s on the cover…
  8. Best friends
    – Sherlock Holmes – One of my very favorite Bromances
  9. More than two siblings
    – Ludwig Wittgenstein – M’boy had a BUNCH of siblings
  10. A single parent
    – Catching Fire – Katniss’s Mom (CF is pictures because it’s my favorite of the three. Fight me.)
  11. A grandparent
    – Fullmetal Alchemist – Winry’s Granny (This was by far the hardest category to find! Not many literary grandparents out there.)
  12. A talking animal
    – Pearls of Lutra – But really any of the Redwall Series.

Wanna play, too?? (Please do. I’d love to see what you find.) Make sure to post in the comments of the original post or pinback to it so I can find your answers. ^_^

The Bard’s Choice: 8 Random Facts


Hello, friends! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Here are eight random bits of trivia about my fantasy novelette, The Bard’s Choice.

BC Cover

  1. In the first draft, Onrey’s name was actually Jannir. I came up with the name Onrey for the messenger boy in Chapter 3, and decided immediately that I liked that name way too much to use on a character with only a couple scenes, so I flipped the names.
  2. When I first mentioned the title to my writers group, they were expecting a bodice-ripping romance about Shakespeare.
  3. ‘The Digger’ – mentioned fleetingly by Kaeya – is actually a semi-important character in my new book, Sisters, a Sorceress, Curses, and Songs. The books take place in the same world, several decades apart.
  4. The stone’s color (green) was chosen mostly because it is Hollins University’s main color, which is where I thought of the idea.
  5. Five years past between when I first thought of the idea to when I started writing it.
  6. Authors aren’t supposed to show favoritism, but ‘Andros the Gilder’ is one of my favorite names out of all my characters. (Don’t tell him, though. He’s enough of a narcissist as it is.)
  7. One of my arc readers elected to be credited in the acknowledgements as one of their own original characters: Lilith P. Duke, Pharmacist of Journalism.
  8. Kett did not get his job back at the rock quarry. He eventually found work with a blacksmith, and enjoyed it very much despite never advancing beyond the rank of apprentice.

If you want to know
more about this book,
you can find it here
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You’re Invited to my release party!


“It’s 11:11 – Make a wish!” (Confused? Click Here)


magnet image

Well, here we are! In another two weeks, A Book Without Dragons will be out in the world, and I am so excited! (Also, very sleepy—there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that happens in the home stretch—but mostly I’m just excited.)

And guess what?! I’m inviting you to an online release party. If you’ve never been to an online book release, check out my previous post Here. The party I attended for Coven was lots of fun, so I decided I definitely wanted to host one of my own when A Book Without Dragons was ready. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s talk about Titles


Titles are hard for me. (Very hard. Like, ‘do 50 chin-ups’ hard)

This is important because, let’s face it, titles are what cause most people to pick up a book, or not. Ideally we would read the synopsis for every book on the shelf before making a selection but who really has time for that?

Generally, titling my work is the very last step in my process. While I’m working on it, I’ll give it a temporary title so I can refer to it in my journals and goal lists. For example, the project I’m working on is all about clocks. I call it…Clocks. I also have a trilogy that I’ll get back to some day. I have these books brilliantly titled Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3. Read the rest of this entry

Books that Make me Chatty


Have you ever read something so good that words crawled unbidden out of your mouth? I have, and it’s one of my favorite experiences as a reader.

I’m not talking about the things I consciously say. “Oh, Frodo… it’ll be okay, baby!” “Yeaaah Alanna. You go, girl.” “Tsk. Hamlet. Get over yourself.” I’m referring to those moments where a book is so surprising no amount of willpower could keep me from saying, “Oh wow… oh wow oh wow…”
Read the rest of this entry

Central PA Comic Con: In which Olivia meets some awesome people!


Time to break my rules again 😉 because I attended the Central PA Comic Con over the weekend, and I’m feeling way too jazzed up to wait until next Saturday to chatter about it.

There were the usual Con treasures (Klingon 101 was particularly delightful, as was listening to JG Hertzler from Start Trek Deep Space Nine give a surprise Shakespearean monologue…) but I was surprised at how many writerly-gems I found there!

I attended a workshop with the lovely Danielle Ackley-McPhail about using the five senses while writing. Read the rest of this entry

I’m rethinking “Page-turners”…


I’m not a very fast reader. I tell you this not only because my alter-ego gets annoyed when I confess such things (See my Fictional Author’s Bio for more examples…) but also because it will give you some context when I say that I remember the first book I read in one day.

It was The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, and before that book I didn’t even know I was capable of devouring an entire novel in one sitting. I even wrote a fan letter to Suzanne Collins to tell her that her books were my very first ‘one day read.’ Read the rest of this entry