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Katie Merkel’s Scavenger Hunt!



So, I saw this on Katie Merkel’s blog, and y’all KNOW I can’t resist games. Katie challenged us to find a book for each of 12 categories. Here are my answers (and here is a link to her original post if you want to play along too!)


  1. A weapon
    – Game of Thrones – There are SO many, but let’s go with Needle
  2. A difficult decision
    – A Moment in the Sun – Rei’s decision to leave home
  3. A beautiful setting
    – The World That Forgot How to Dance – (Whaaat? shameless self-promotion?? Don’t judge me.) I’m thinking of the final scene ❤
  4. A first kiss
    – Ready Player One – This book actually fit into so many categories, lol.
  5. A mistake
    – The Martian – Don’t. Blow. Up. The. HAB.
  6. A betrayal
    – The Lord of the Rings – I’m looking at you, Smeagol…
  7. A loss
    – Between a Rock and a Hard Place (aka – 127 hours) – Spoiler alert, it’s on the cover…
  8. Best friends
    – Sherlock Holmes – One of my very favorite Bromances
  9. More than two siblings
    – Ludwig Wittgenstein – M’boy had a BUNCH of siblings
  10. A single parent
    – Catching Fire – Katniss’s Mom (CF is pictures because it’s my favorite of the three. Fight me.)
  11. A grandparent
    – Fullmetal Alchemist – Winry’s Granny (This was by far the hardest category to find! Not many literary grandparents out there.)
  12. A talking animal
    – Pearls of Lutra – But really any of the Redwall Series.

Wanna play, too?? (Please do. I’d love to see what you find.) Make sure to post in the comments of the original post or pinback to it so I can find your answers. ^_^