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You see (another) blog post about writing in second person


Okay, so, I know I already chattered about second person once. (Here’s the original if anyone’s curious.) But then I read a great post by Andrew Knighton (which is Here, and I’d highly recommend giving it a look as it raised some interesting points) so the topic’s been back on my mind recently.

After reading Knighton’s post, I’ve started thinking about second person in two different categories. The first, which is the one I discussed in my own original post, is when the story is actually reaching off the page and addressing the reader as ‘you.’ That’s the style I implemented when I wrote Tasty Tiny Magic.

But what about when ‘you’ just refers to another character who is in no way supposed to be the reader of the story? That’s the second type in my mind, and this has become really interesting to me since I do use some second person narration in Clocks (my current WIP). The character in this writing style is a completely developed and independent character. The narration style is just a narration style in her case. Read the rest of this entry